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Street Smart Birds

A fascinating article from Aeon Magazine. An excerpt. A crumbling concrete wall, a ramp and a vast expanse of asphalt on which identical silvery-grey sedans are slowly circling and zigzagging between traffic cones. It does not seem like much but, … Continue reading

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Science or Politics?

A good look at the question, from City Journal. An excerpt. Imagine if the head of a federal agency announced a new policy for its scientific research: from now on, the agency would no longer allow its studies to be … Continue reading

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Wildflowers are Smart

A very interesting story from AccuWeather. The natural world continues to amaze. An excerpt. California wildflowers outsmarted the extreme drought that has gripped the state, a new study found. Native wildflowers banked seeds underground at a higher rate than normal, … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers

Great article about them, from Estuary News. An excerpt. Near the end of 2012, the US Army Corps of Engineers released 28,000 acre-feet of water — two-fifths of the maximum winter supply — from Lake Mendocino in Sonoma County. Then … Continue reading

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Will Feds Change Water Policy in California?

We certainly hope so and this article from UC Berkeley’s California Magazine, though decrying the possibility, notes that it will probably happen, good news for the common sense approach to water policy. An excerpt. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent … Continue reading

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For the “You’re Kidding, Right?” File

California okays recycled sewage water for home taps, says the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. Water that once coursed through city sewers may soon find new life coming out of your home faucet. New regulations approved Tuesday by the California … Continue reading

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Transit Use Still Declining

It doesn’t really matter how it is tweaked, people still want the convenience and reliability and privacy of their own cars to get about. This article from New Geography tells the story. An excerpt. Over the past three years, the … Continue reading

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