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Another for the Are You Kidding Me File

Yep, hydroelectric power is not a renewable energy resource, according to the California Legislature’s Democratic members, as reported by the Foundation for Economic Education. An excerpt. Anna Caballero, a Democratic state senator from a district near me in California, had … Continue reading

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Salmon Strong, Hatcheries Largely Responsible

It is routine among environmentalists to criticize hatcheries, but, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, they are largely responsible for this year’s huge salmon population. An excerpt. Salmon are running in epic numbers this year off the Central … Continue reading

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Environmentalist Movement in Historical Context

This is a very important and informative article from New Geography. An excerpt. The notion that an ever growing and/or wealthier population can only deliver environmental doom has been the standard foundational belief of the modern environmental movement. The latest … Continue reading

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Crow Rides on Eagle

This is spectacular, from Bored Panda, hat tip to Inside Sacramento Facebook. An excerpt. Phoo Chan, a talented California-based bird photographer whose photos have been featured by National Geographic, has captured an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime series of photos of a crow … Continue reading

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Ancient Trees

Wow, tree over 2,600 years old in North Carolina, study from IOP Science. The Abstract. Abstract Bald cypress trees over 2,000-years old have been discovered in the forested wetlands along Black River using dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating. The oldest bald … Continue reading

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Rainy U. S.

Best rain year, ever, for the country, as reported by the Washington Post. An excerpt. In just over a year’s time, the nation’s rainfall fortunes have shifted suddenly and dramatically. Rainfall famine has turned to rainfall feast. Thanks to its … Continue reading

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Forest Fires & Water Storage

The connection is obvious but more fully explored in this story as reported by Science Daily. An excerpt. Forest fires are causing snow to melt earlier in the season, a trend occurring across the western U.S. that may affect water … Continue reading

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