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Two Faces of Environmental Movement

Once when we really needed them and once when not so much. First, when we needed them: At Owens Lake as this story from California Sun reports. A century ago, Los Angeles pulled a sensational swindle. Agents from the city posed … Continue reading

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California Forest Management

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes about it. An excerpt. One problem with President Trump’s bullying rhetorical style is that he gives his critics reason to ignore him even when he has a point. Consider his weekend threat to … Continue reading

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California’s Oil

It has more than anyone else in the country, but by choosing not to extract it, billions of dollars are sent out yearly to purchase oil, as this article from New Geography cites. An excerpt. California is home to the largest crude … Continue reading

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Why Does California Have a Housing Crisis?

Well answered in this New Geography article. An excerpt. The homeownership rate in California equaled the national rate from 1950 well into the 1960s. Yet, by 2005, California’s homeownership rate was 13.3 percent below the national average and the 49th … Continue reading

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Importing Oil Rather Than Using Our Own

That’s what California is doing as reported by CFACT. An excerpt. The latest data from the California Energy Commission (CEC), shows that California fuel consumption is at the highest level since 2009, thus continuation of the state’s dependency on foreign … Continue reading

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Cutting Trees Down in Parkway

This article in the Sacramento Bee about the conflict stirred up by PG&E planning to cut trees down near its power lines is good in explaining how some environmental organizations don’t see the forest for the trees. The Parkway—especially in … Continue reading

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Environmentalism & Politicians

A good examination, from Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. “I live in a very dark place,” Dan Bacher says, glancing into sunrays glinting off the Sacramento River. “This problem of corporate influence, the domination of big money in Sacramento, … Continue reading

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