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Atmospheric Rivers Cause Great Damage

As reported by Eureka Alert on a study from the University of California, San Diego.. An excerpt. “Atmospheric rivers pose a $1 billion-a-year flood risk in the West, according to a study released today. “Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography … Continue reading

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Sound Advice on California Wildfires

Excellent article from California Globe. An excerpt. “Nobody knew how the fire started. It took hold in the dry chaparral and grasslands and quickly spread up the sides of the canyon. Propelled by winds gusting over 40 miles per hour … Continue reading

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Olmsted, the Parkway and English Parks

Frederick Law Olmsted was the founder of the American Landscape Architectural profession and the designer of Central Park—our model of how the Parkway should look and be governed—and the greatest influence on him was the English Park. One of his … Continue reading

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Excellent Article on Federal New Water Plan for California

This is so good and well balanced I’ve posted the entire article; a great follow up to yesterday’s post. Here it is. “Trump Plan Delivers More Water for Valley Farmers “gvwire “October 22, 2019 “The Trump administration unveiled a new … Continue reading

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Floating Fiberglass Ocean Islands?

This invention, profiled in Business Insider, has interesting possibilities. An excerpt. A tiny fiberglass island is bobbing up and down in the San Francisco Bay right now. From far away, it looks like a beluga whale poking through the water. … Continue reading

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Ocean Clean Up News

It appears the Great Ocean Garbage Patch clean up invention is finally working, very good news from CNN. An excerpt. “A huge trash-collecting system designed to clean up plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean is finally picking up plastic, its … Continue reading

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Power Blackouts

Sadly, this is affecting so many people, story from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. “Californians woke up Thursday to a second straight day of rolling blackouts as PG&E Corp. cut power to hundreds of thousands of households and businesses … Continue reading

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