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Nuclear, Still the Best Option

As this article from the City Journal explains. An excerpt. At the heart of the sprawling Indian Point Energy Center, 30 miles up the Hudson River from Manhattan, stands a modest, oblate structure easy to overlook at first glance. The … Continue reading

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Single Family Housing Banned in Minneapolis

Wow, that seems pretty extreme, as reported by New Geography. An excerpt. In a recent article published in Housing Wire (and in many other places), it was told that Minneapolis will abolish single family housing as part of the Metropolitan … Continue reading

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Competent Forest Management

We’ve had it before—and still do in private forests—but have lost it in our public ones due to the environmentalists, as this article by Congressman Tom McClintock in the Wall Street Journal notes. An excerpt. Pundits and politicians have taken … Continue reading

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Green Madness

From the article of the same name in City Journal a reminder of the reality of deep ecology. An excerpt. During his time in the White House, Barack Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, … Continue reading

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Two Faces of Environmental Movement

Once when we really needed them and once when not so much. First, when we needed them: At Owens Lake as this story from California Sun reports. A century ago, Los Angeles pulled a sensational swindle. Agents from the city posed … Continue reading

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California Forest Management

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes about it. An excerpt. One problem with President Trump’s bullying rhetorical style is that he gives his critics reason to ignore him even when he has a point. Consider his weekend threat to … Continue reading

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California’s Oil

It has more than anyone else in the country, but by choosing not to extract it, billions of dollars are sent out yearly to purchase oil, as this article from New Geography cites. An excerpt. California is home to the largest crude … Continue reading

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