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California Environmentalism, Part II

Wow, looks worrisome, according to this article from New Geography. An excerpt. Can the California grid handle the charging challenges for the EVs the state is promoting to be on the grid? The knee-jerk reaction to going green as fast … Continue reading

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California’s Environmentalism

Excellent, and wickedly funny, article from City Journal about its over the edgeness. An excerpt. California, the Los Angeles Times recently reported, is building a “non-plastic future.” The state has outlawed or restricted single-use plastic bags, plastic drinking straws, and … Continue reading

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Rains Good for Salmon

And how, as this story from the San Francisco Examiner reports. An excerpt. The relentless rain soaking the state is great news for salmon. In previous years, drought and water diversions significantly lowered California’s rivers and contributed to dramatic drops … Continue reading

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Feds Sue California over Water Flows

This lawsuit, if successful, might balance the equation a bit more judiciously, from the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. Turning the tables on California, the Trump administration sued Thursday to block the state’s ambitious plan to reallocate billions of gallons of … Continue reading

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Crown Shyness

Think trees don’t think, this is a fascinating article from Wikipedia, where I followed up after reading this article at . An excerpt. Crown shyness (also canopy disengagement,[1] canopy shyness,[2] or intercrown spacing[3]) is a phenomenon observed in some … Continue reading

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Mass Transit, Another Failure

Remind you of Sacramento? This story from New Geography notes the continued affection for rail transit, outmoded as it has been for years. An excerpt. Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) has entered what is known in the transit industry as … Continue reading

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False Transit Narrative Again Proven False

The idea that mass transit reduces traffic congestion is, once again, proven false, as New Geography reports. An excerpt. The Reason Foundation has just published an important review of transit in Los Angeles County, by transportation consultant Thomas A. Rubin … Continue reading

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