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Climate Change, A Reasonable Look

One of the best articles I’ve yet read on it, from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. Climate change is often misunderstood as a package deal: If global warming is “real,” both sides of the debate seem to assume, the … Continue reading

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Global Temperatures Rising? Oops!

Great article from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. Just exactly how much has the climate changed in recent decades? Longtime New York Times readers can be forgiven if they are now thoroughly confused on the matter. Last month this … Continue reading

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Capitalism Works

Yet again we are reminded of the reality in this story from PERC. An excerpt. You’ve heard the story: Honeybees are disappearing. Beginning in 2006, beekeepers began reporting mysteriously large losses to their honeybee hives over the winter. The bees … Continue reading

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Helping Wild Fish

Excellent article—except for dam removal strategy—from the Mad River Union Newspaper about some very good ideas. An excerpt. CALIFORNIA – A new California science study endorses a management technique for wild fish called “reconciliation ecology.” The study cites as an … Continue reading

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Salmon Scare

Environmentalists are claiming, in this Sacramento Bee article, the imminent extinction of salmon due to dams and other important water policies allowing deserts to bloom, cities to grow and suburbs to prosper; while conveniently forgetting that hatcheries can produce all … Continue reading

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Desalination Support Strong

A good article from the Association of California Water Agencies, about a recent survey one hopes soon begins to guide public leadership to grapple with desalination in California; maybe we can drink our way out of rising oceans. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Policy Caused Drought

Great article from the California Water Alliance. An excerpt. “After a two-month delay and with a snowpack that is 200 percent above normal, in at time of brimming-full reservoirs, statewide flooding not seen since the 1890’s and with receding memories … Continue reading

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