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Cutting Trees Down in Parkway

This article in the Sacramento Bee about the conflict stirred up by PG&E planning to cut trees down near its power lines is good in explaining how some environmental organizations don’t see the forest for the trees. The Parkway—especially in … Continue reading

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Environmentalism & Politicians

A good examination, from Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. “I live in a very dark place,” Dan Bacher says, glancing into sunrays glinting off the Sacramento River. “This problem of corporate influence, the domination of big money in Sacramento, … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up the Ocean

An amazing technology—pray it works—as this story from the New York Times reports. An excerpt. A multimillion-dollar floating boom designed to corral plastic debris littering the Pacific Ocean deployed from San Francisco Bay on Saturday as part of a larger … Continue reading

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Suburban Ecosystems

We do not tend to think of ecosystems as being within suburbia, but they are and this article in the amazing book Infinite Suburbia by Sarah Jack Hinners explains. An excerpt. Suburban ecosystems, in general, are more heterogeneous and dynamic … Continue reading

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Saving Salmon

Good story from Environmental Monitor. An excerpt. Recent research led by California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Mariska Obedzinski reveals that even small amounts of running water in coastal California streams can mean survival instead of death for juvenile coho salmon. … Continue reading

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Some Good News

This story could indicate some real good news down the road; takes a bit of reading between the lines and an awareness of the Department of Interior’s interest in California water issues; story from E&E News. An excerpt. California’s biggest … Continue reading

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Wildfires Started Primarily by People

As reported by this article in the New York Times. An excerpt. LOS ANGELES — In the summer of 1965, Johnny Cash was living in the wilderness of Southern California when — possibly high on drugs — he sparked a … Continue reading

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