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Water from the Desert

An innovative plan to get water from the deserts in California is bucking environmentalist’s headwinds, as reported by City Journal. An excerpt. There’s no thirstier state than California. Its history of water wars, droughts—both natural and manmade—and, according to some, … Continue reading

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Changing Dam’s Operating Tactics May Help Native Fish

Very interesting article from the University of Washington. An excerpt. Dams and fish have never been best friends. Thousands of dams built along U.S. rivers and streams over the last century now provide electricity for homes, store water for agriculture … Continue reading

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Environmentalists Falsifying Data?

Not good, as this article from Nature reports. An excerpt. Two Swedish scientists have been found guilty of “misconduct in research” in a paper that they published in Science1 and later retracted. Their highly publicized work had suggested that tiny … Continue reading

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Trust is Needed

Especially when dealing with environmental issues where all sides are often at loggerheads, so this article from the Property & Environment Research Center is well received. An excerpt. Trust is important, especially so for conservation. Successful conservation depends on the … Continue reading

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United Nations Climate Conference

Wow, big news, Syria has come on board. Read the bizarro world article about the Conference from City Journal. An excerpt. Good news is hard to find at this year’s United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany. Diplomats from nearly … Continue reading

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Groundwater vs Surface Storage

This article from the California Economic Summit laments the progress of civilization—“We have built on and paved over our natural landscapes, drained agricultural lands, filled in wetlands, and channelized our rivers, resulting in the loss of untold acre feet of … Continue reading

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Car Myth Biting the Dust

As this article by Joel Kotkin reports, the idea that cars were on the way out is a leftist dream yet realized, and—if the private car loving public has anything to say about it and they do—probably never realized. An … Continue reading

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