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Water from Air, No Electricity Required

Yep, that’s what this story from News Deeply says. Wow! An excerpt. Water is all around us. The only problem is that it remains trapped in the atmosphere until the right conditions release it as rain or snow. Now Omar … Continue reading

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Restore Hetch Hetchy

The effort to restore this magnificent valley—which we have supported for many years–heads back to court, as this article from the Times Herald reports. An excerpt. Two years after losing in court and six years after being rejected by voters, … Continue reading

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Save Don’t Pave, Two Rivers Trail

The folks at Save Don’t Pave , who want to save their River Park neighborhood natural Parkway trail from paving and becoming a bike speedway, have put together a brief and clear slide show explaining their position and it … Continue reading

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Cover Cropping

According to News Deeply, this ancient practice is slowly being revived, which is good for farmers and our food supply. An excerpt. This spring in California several orchards around Solano and nearby counties sported a new look: lush carpets of … Continue reading

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Forest Thinning Equals More Water

Interesting article from Water Deeply, and if the results are implemented into policy, we will have yet another reason to build Auburn Dam. An excerpt. A century of fire suppression has left Western forests overgrown. That has interrupted nature’s regular … Continue reading

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Street Smart Birds

A fascinating article from Aeon Magazine. An excerpt. A crumbling concrete wall, a ramp and a vast expanse of asphalt on which identical silvery-grey sedans are slowly circling and zigzagging between traffic cones. It does not seem like much but, … Continue reading

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Science or Politics?

A good look at the question, from City Journal. An excerpt. Imagine if the head of a federal agency announced a new policy for its scientific research: from now on, the agency would no longer allow its studies to be … Continue reading

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