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Restore Hetch Hetchy

This is a cause we support even though it appears contradictory to our also supporting the building of Auburn Dam and support of dam technology over-all. The reason we support the Restore Hetch Hetchy movement is that the valley covered with … Continue reading

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Thinning the Forests

This idea has been around a long time as the counter-argument to the environmentalist’s one that nothing should ever be cut down in the forests, and as the Sacramento Bee notes, it may become federal policy; a common sense idea … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch

Wow, if this idea works, and it seems it might, that would be wonderful news, further ratifying that human technology can often fix human mistakes. From an article at USA Today. An excerpt. SAN FRANCISCO – On Sept. 8, an … Continue reading

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Shrimp Clouding Lake Tahoe?

Who knew? But that appears to be the conclusion of this story from the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. In recent decades, Lake Tahoe has grown murkier and murkier, with people quick to blame obvious culprits: a rise in tourism … Continue reading

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Nature is Smart

A reminder, less we forget and do dumb things, from the New York Times. An excerpt. More than a century ago, zoologist Joseph Grinnell launched a pioneering survey of animal life in California, a decades-long quest — at first by … Continue reading

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Capitalism can Solve Global Warming

A very sensible article from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. Together, science and capitalism built the modern world. But across the political spectrum, both are under attack. If we are to solve our greatest challenges, including climate change, we … Continue reading

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Joy of Driving

The often overlooked fact about transportation choices, from Mobility Lab. An excerpt. I’ll admit it: I drove a U-haul cargo van last week and I liked it. It was stressful maneuvering the van through the city (I dented another car … Continue reading

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