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Sac State Story

A great story from our beloved campus, from Sacramento State News. An excerpt. “From the turkeys that parade across campus and 100,000 honeybees living at the BAC Yard, to the iconic squirrels with nearly 1,000 Instagram followers (#squirrelsofsacstate), and even … Continue reading

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Salmon in the San Joaquin

Great story about the resilient salmon, from the San Joaquin River Restoration Program. An excerpt. “If there’s one certainty in these uncertain times, it’s that nature is resilient, and one needn’t look further than the San Joaquin River as an … Continue reading

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Green Power Delusional?

An excellent case is made that it is, in this article from Manhattan Contrarian. An excerpt. “If you dutifully read your U.S. mainstream media, you undoubtedly have the impression that “clean” and “green” energy is rapidly sweeping all before it, … Continue reading

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Water Cooperation

It can be done, as this great story from Current shows. An excerpt. “The saying rang true when Mark Twain coined it, “Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting.”  150 years later it still resonates and throughout the arid … Continue reading

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Salmon, Going Home

These are truly amazing creatures; read this article from Eos. An excerpt. “After spending their adult lives at sea, salmon famously swim upriver until they reach the exact location where they were hatched. Salmon complete this incredible journey only once—after … Continue reading

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Oil & the Virus

Things could change, but not necessarily as expected, according to this article from City Journal. An excerpt. “China is about one month ahead of the United States in exiting the Covid-19 shutdown. That country’s rush-hour traffic jams now equal or exceeded pre-lockdown … Continue reading

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Microplastics in Our Water

California is leading the way to deal with this, as this story from the National Law Review reports. An excerpt. “The California State Water Resources Control Board (“State Board”) is poised to become “the first regulatory agency in the world … Continue reading

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Thinning Forest Means More Snowpack

Interesting study reported from The Tahoe Daily Tribune. An excerpt. “The Sierra Nevada forest is an important resource for the surrounding communities in Nevada and California. “Thinning the forest by removing trees by hand or using heavy machinery is one … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy News

It’s pretty exciting, as this article from City Journal reports. An excerpt. “At some point in 2021, if all goes according to plan, earthmoving equipment will arrive at a scruffy, windswept spot in eastern Idaho and begin excavating a large … Continue reading

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Flooded Rice Fields Help Salmon

Great story from AgAlert. An excerpt. “Winter-flooded rice fields already provide essential habitat for migratory birds, but could they also provide benefits to help the state’s salmon populations? “Scientists at the University of California, Davis, are finalizing their fieldwork on … Continue reading

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