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Parkway’s Governing Agency Makes Grants

The Wildlife Conservation Board, the Parkway’s new governing agency, makes some grants, as this report from Maven’s Notebook reveals. The report. At its May 24 quarterly meeting, the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) approved approximately $13 million in grants to help … Continue reading

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California, How We Doing?

Not so good, according to Joel Kotkin—reflecting, sadly, most of the current writing on California—writing in the Orange County Register. An excerpt. In the past, wrote historian Kevin Starr, California “was a final frontier: of geography and of expectation.” Today in … Continue reading

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Cleaning Homeless Camps Hazardous

Excellent article from the Sacramento Bee reminding us what’s out there as a result of illegal camping. An excerpt. Under a freeway overpass, beneath a busy bridge, the ragged tents and shopping carts multiply, communities of human beings glimpsed in the … Continue reading

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Common Sense on Water Storage

It is represented in this Dan Walter’s column in the Sacramento Bee but hasn’t been exhibited by California leadership for decades, but hope springs eternal, does it not? An excerpt from the Bee article. The first thing to remember about … Continue reading

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Will Feds Change Water Policy in California?

We certainly hope so and this article from UC Berkeley’s California Magazine, though decrying the possibility, notes that it will probably happen, good news for the common sense approach to water policy. An excerpt. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent … Continue reading

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Getting Bureaucrats Closer to the Action

As the stated intent of this new reorganization of the Department of Interior, as reported by Capital Press, it sounds worthwhile and long overdue. An excerpt. DENVER (AP) — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is pressing ahead with a massive overhaul … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy, the Homeless & North Sacramento

This Sacramento Bee article reminds us of why bureaucracy is so often despised, but, as James Q. Wilson notes about the constraints of bureaucracy: “The key constraints are three in number. To a much greater extent than is true of … Continue reading

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