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City Calls For More Talk, Talk

Though talking can be good, the immediate problem is obvious, as this story from CBS 13 reports, so clearing camps from the levees seems simple enough, just requiring the political will to do so. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In … Continue reading

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Seattle is Dying, Is Sacramento Next?

Very important article by Cecily Hastings about the documentary, Seattle is Dying, from Inside Sacramento and their new website,   is great. An excerpt. When I heard about the hourlong documentary film “Seattle Is Dying,” I felt a certain dread. Listening … Continue reading

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Latest on Sacramento Homeless Issue

Good update from Sacramento News & Review, public leadership still bumbling along. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and local residents and business who suffer the impacts) needs to be developed that is capable of safely sheltering up … Continue reading

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Homelessness: As Seattle Goes, So Goes Sacramento?

Interesting article from City Journal with obvious similarities to Sacramento’s homeless problem–and the related illegal camping which is desroying the Parkway–and proposed solutions. An excerpt. For the past five years, like many of its West Coast counterparts, Seattle has endured … Continue reading

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Important Water Storage Legislation Proposed

Chances of its passage in the new House is iffy, but good legislation anyway, as reported by Maven’s Notebook. An excerpt. Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation today that would repurpose recovered Federal funding from the California High-Speed Rail project to … Continue reading

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New Interior Director Appointment

As reported by Politico. This could be good news for water storage in California. An excerpt. President Donald Trump will nominate David Bernhardt to be the new Interior secretary. The announcement in a tweet from the president Monday ends a … Continue reading

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New Bureau of Reclamation Leader

Coming on board in our region, as reported by the Appeal Democrat. An excerpt. Marysville native Ernest Conant recently stepped into a new position this week as the mid-Pacific regional director of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation where he will … Continue reading

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