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California’s High Speed Rail Project

I have been, and continue to be, supportive of the concept of high speed rail for California, but after reading this account from City Journal, will not be so for the California version until, and if, it becomes competently administered. … Continue reading

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Sobering Look at California Debt

This article from New Geography is not quite what California’s leaders have been telling us. An excerpt. It’s become common folklore that California is booming and incoming Governor Newsom and the Democratic supermajority have more taxpayer money than they will … Continue reading

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Global Super Tanker

This is the ultimate fire-fighting weapon and, considering the cost of lives and property loss from California fires over the past decades, and the difficulty firefighters on the ground have accessing mountainous areas where some of the worst fires seem … Continue reading

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Why Feds Need to Build & Manage Major Dams.

This article from the Sacramento Bee makes the point clearly that the states do not have the money or expertise needed to do the job right. Excerpts. Federal regulators are raising new concerns about the troubled Oroville Dam, telling California … Continue reading

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Why Does California Have a Housing Crisis?

Well answered in this New Geography article. An excerpt. The homeownership rate in California equaled the national rate from 1950 well into the 1960s. Yet, by 2005, California’s homeownership rate was 13.3 percent below the national average and the 49th … Continue reading

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Parkway Camping Update

Good story from Sacramento News & Review about the response of city and county. Excerpts. Sacramento County leaders last week grappled with the legal implications of their anti-camping ordinance and then declared an official shelter crisis. The latter move puts … Continue reading

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Homeless Camping Update from County Supervisor Sue Frost

These timely updates from Supervisor Frost are deeply appreciated and here is the latest. The Update In September of this year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in the case Martin v. Boise which ruled local governments … Continue reading

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