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Public Transit & the Virus

What had been getting worse—use of public transit—has now gotten catastrophically bad, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “The Coronavirus public health emergency is an existentialist crisis for many sectors of the U.S. economy and government services. … Continue reading

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California Debt

It’s substantial and one cause is very generous government employee retirement benefits, explained in this article from City Journal. An excerpt. “California has asked Washington for $14 billion in Covid-related support, in addition to the $8 billion already provided by … Continue reading

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Clearing Hundreds of Parkway Homeless Camps

The inability to do so causes another problem, a very serious one, as this story from Channel 13 reports. An excerpt. “SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Law enforcement said the homeless camps along the river made thermal imaging difficult to use while … Continue reading

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Downtown Building Projects During the Virus

An excellent article from Sacramento News & Review exploring this. An excerpt. “It took years of hard work and persuasion for tourism boosters and arts lovers to get the Sacramento Convention Center expanded and the Community Center Theater renovated. “And … Continue reading

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California’s Water Wars

A lot going on right now, here’s a good recap from Bloomberg News. An excerpt. “Water contractors in California are suing the state over its new permit that authorizes water deliveries, the result of a conflict with the Trump administration’s … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless During the Virus

A good article from KCRA about the details. An excerpt. “A $15.1 million COVID-19 homeless response plan is unfolding in the city and county of Sacramento. “The plan is largely a combination of reimbursable state and federal emergency funding, specifically … Continue reading

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Money For the Parkway

According to the preliminary agenda for the meeting of the Wildlife Conservation Board, the Parkway’s governing agency. See the agenda link at

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New EPA Appointment

I am not too troubled—as are many—by employees of a related business becoming government employees, as they bring knowledge to the job, which is priceless; and until proven otherwise, we should assume they will do as good a job for … Continue reading

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Urban Planners Increasing Water Pollution?

Maybe, if this story from Science Daily proves accurate. An excerpt. “Urban growth boundaries are created by governments in an effort to concentrate urban development — buildings, roads and the utilities that support them — within a defined area. These … Continue reading

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California’s Housing Issues

Another take from New Geography. An excerpt. “Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Legislature and the state’s bureaucracy claim to be addressing the state’s much discussed “housing crisis.” But rather than improve the state’s awful affordability crisis, the policies being enacted are … Continue reading

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