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Native American Control of Some National Monuments?

This sounds like a good idea, from the Property & Environment Research Center. An excerpt. As part of his review of national monuments, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke met with the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition. The coalition’s message was articulated earlier … Continue reading

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The Parkway’s Skid Row

Skid Rows develop largely as the result of inaction–or wanting to contain a problem–by public leadership allowing a public area of a city, or in this case, of a park, to sink into degradation by not appropriating the proper resources, … Continue reading

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Folsom’s Area of the Parkway

It is good to see the city of Folsom focusing more on their area of the Parkway, a particularly beautiful part that can even become more so, as is noted in their Parks & Recreation section of their January Draft … Continue reading

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Policy Caused Drought

Great article from the California Water Alliance. An excerpt. “After a two-month delay and with a snowpack that is 200 percent above normal, in at time of brimming-full reservoirs, statewide flooding not seen since the 1890’s and with receding memories … Continue reading

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If it Looks Like a Policy…

Friday’s post looked at the consequences of non-action appearing to be action not publically stated and this recent story in the Wall Street Journal concludes with the same thought: An excerpt. Reservoirs and rivers are overflowing as storms have pounded … Continue reading

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Tiny Houses for Homeless in Back Yards, Really!

As noted by New Geography. An excerpt. Here’s an incredibly stupid idea to deal with Portland’s housing affordability problems: Multnomah County proposes to build tiny houses in people’s backyard. The people will get to keep the houses on the condition … Continue reading

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California Discourages Building New Housing

Which is the only conclusion you can reach reading this story from City Journal about the mass of regulations housing developers face in California. An excerpt. Stories about the desperate living arrangements of highly compensated California tech workers sound like … Continue reading

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