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California’s Housing Issues

Another take from New Geography. An excerpt. “Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Legislature and the state’s bureaucracy claim to be addressing the state’s much discussed “housing crisis.” But rather than improve the state’s awful affordability crisis, the policies being enacted are … Continue reading

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Transit Spending Up, Ridership Down

Of course this is no surprise. People just prefer riding in their cars rather than the uncertainty and unsafe experience of public transit, and it is another example—like that noted yesterday—of how often government increases money to fix something and … Continue reading

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Homelessness Increases

An excellent analysis of who gets the money to fix it and how little it is fixed, from California Globe. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and local residents and business who suffer the impacts) needs to be … Continue reading

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Riverfront Development

Could be, finally, as reported by Capital Public Radio. This is so long overdue, now get a couple restaurants built overlooking the American River—miss the Rusty Duck—our most beautiful river. An excerpt. “The Sacramento City Council will vote this week … Continue reading

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Planners Need New Plan

That’s the gist of this delightful article from New Geography reminding us of how often those folks planning certain aspects of our life—like improving transportation—probably need to talk to people involved in the aspects they are planning for before doing … Continue reading

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American Psychosis

That is the title of a very important book describing how so many mentally ill people wound up homeless—with so many camping in the Parkway—and/or in prison, and the subtitle gives the main reason: “How the Federal Government Destroyed the … Continue reading

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Homelessness in Sacramento, The Counter Narrative

The narrative put forth by local leadership is that the homeless in Sacramento are Sacramento resident’s (mostly families with children) primarily down on their luck and victims of not enough low income housing. This article from California Globe reveals a … Continue reading

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