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Salmon in the Rice Fields

Such a cool and innovative idea, blogged on previously, but a few days ago, as reported by California Water Blog. An excerpt. The floodplain smorgasbord is open! Wrapping up a successful fifth season, the Knaggs Nigiri project places fall run … Continue reading

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Salmon Behind the Dams

A fascinating article, with profound implications, from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. Chinook salmon are a remarkably adaptable species. There is good reason to believe there are multiple populations of landlocked Chinook salmon completing their entire life cycle above Central … Continue reading

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Salmon Status

A good article from the New York Times on the status of salmon on the West Coast. An excerpt. PORTLAND, Ore. — When Lewis and Clark first encountered the Columbia River in 1805, they wrote about nearby streams so thick … Continue reading

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Folsom Dam Fish Ladder

This is something I did not know the history of—that there once was a fish ladder—so this article from the Auburn Journal is very informative. An excerpt. A recent news article states “San Francisco (Nov. 10, 2015) – Environmental groups … Continue reading

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Online Fish Finder

A great technological development as reported by the California Water Blog. An excerpt. “Where?” The question is foundational to conservation biology and policy. To take a conservation action, you need to know where to act. And, yet, for decades stewards … Continue reading

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Hatchery Salmon

This article from Comstock’s Magazine says hatchery salmon are genetically inferior, the argument environmentalists who oppose dams have been using for decades; but the best response I have heard to that came from Congressman Tom McClintock who says that the … Continue reading

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Salmons, Streams & Rivers

A very interesting article from the California Water Blog about the intersection of the three and water temperature, so crucial to optimal salmon health. An excerpt. Summer has just begun and conditions on many of California’s drought-stricken rivers and streams … Continue reading

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