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American River Salmon

A very informative article from the California Sport Fishing Blog about our local salmon. An excerpt. The American River is one of the larger tributaries of the Sacramento River (Figure 1). Its watershed runs from the central Sierra Nevada range, … Continue reading

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Salmon, Innovative Ideas

Hakai Magazine provides information on two very innovative ideas—one in flooding farmland and one in hatcheries—in this article. An excerpt. California, land of almonds, avocados, and Arnold. But beyond its famous edibles and a celebrity governor, California, like its Pacific … Continue reading

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Hatcheries, Saving the Salmon

Good story from California Fisheries Blog about the important role hatcheries play in saving salmon in the Central Valley Watersheds. An excerpt. In a recent post I discussed ways to improve hatchery salmon smolt survival to increase coastal and river … Continue reading

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Helping Salmon

By helping the hatcheries and, according to this article from the Calsport Fishing Blog, barging is the way to go. An excerpt. One way to effectively increase the California coastal salmon population is to increase survival of Chinook salmon smolts … Continue reading

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Salmon Recovery Efforts Celebrated

Always good news, from Maven’s Notebook: An excerpt. DURHAM – Partners from state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, water districts, and farmers today commemorated the 20th anniversary of restoration efforts on Butte Creek that have led to a significant recovery … Continue reading

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Helping Wild Fish

Excellent article—except for dam removal strategy—from the Mad River Union Newspaper about some very good ideas. An excerpt. CALIFORNIA – A new California science study endorses a management technique for wild fish called “reconciliation ecology.” The study cites as an … Continue reading

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Salmon Scare

Environmentalists are claiming, in this Sacramento Bee article, the imminent extinction of salmon due to dams and other important water policies allowing deserts to bloom, cities to grow and suburbs to prosper; while conveniently forgetting that hatcheries can produce all … Continue reading

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