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Salmon Hatchery Experiment

Very interesting story from the Redding Searchlight trying a new way to get hatchery salmon to the ocean. An excerpt. Will hatchery-raised salmon have a better chance of surviving their journey to the Pacific Ocean and back if they get … Continue reading

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Rains Good for Salmon

And how, as this story from the San Francisco Examiner reports. An excerpt. The relentless rain soaking the state is great news for salmon. In previous years, drought and water diversions significantly lowered California’s rivers and contributed to dramatic drops … Continue reading

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Saving Salmon

Good story from Environmental Monitor. An excerpt. Recent research led by California Sea Grant Extension Specialist Mariska Obedzinski reveals that even small amounts of running water in coastal California streams can mean survival instead of death for juvenile coho salmon. … Continue reading

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Hatcheries & Raising Salmon in Flooded Rice Fields

Good article from the Fisheries Blog. An excerpt. Recent research indicates that poor performance of hatchery fish may stem more from the their environmental experiences than from their genetics.  Some older theories that suggested that hatchery fish were just raised … Continue reading

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Very Good News About Salmon

This story from the Fresno Bee is wonderful news. An excerpt. As work to restore the San Joaquin River continues, scientists are seeing promising signs that salmon can thrive in the river as hatchery fish reach new milestones. A recent … Continue reading

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Changing Dam’s Operating Tactics May Help Native Fish

Very interesting article from the University of Washington. An excerpt. Dams and fish have never been best friends. Thousands of dams built along U.S. rivers and streams over the last century now provide electricity for homes, store water for agriculture … Continue reading

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Helping the Salmon

A state partnership with a hatchery is promising great benefits to the salmon, as reported by this article from the Cal Sportsman Magazine. An excerpt. California may have experienced record rainfalls this past winter, but negative impacts due to the unprecedented … Continue reading

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