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Technology to get Salmon over Dams

This is huge and may remove one of the major arguments for not building Auburn Dam! Article from KOMO News. An excerpt. SEATTLE — A Seattle company called Whooshh Innovations (link to their website, ) has developed a creative way … Continue reading

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Salmon Stock Booming

That is the subject of this superb article from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. MORRO BAY, Calif.—The phones began ringing at Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley a week after salmon season opened in May and have barely let up … Continue reading

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Salmon in the Fields

Excellent article from Biographic about the raising of salmon in the rice fields around Sacramento. An excerpt. Snow geese erupt against a blue sky trimmed with fresh, white clouds. The air is so clear you can see for miles, east … Continue reading

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A Great Salmon Story

This is from the Daily Democrat, and reminds us of the important work being done by UC Davis. An excerpt. A team of researchers is waiting to learn how many of the small chinook salmon that were raised on the … Continue reading

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Hatchery Salmon, Saving the Day

Great story about how technology can help nature, from KQED News. An excerpt. Right now, thousands of 1-year-old coho salmon, or smolts, are making their way to the Pacific Ocean from the Russian River in Sonoma County. But most of … Continue reading

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Salmon Strong, Hatcheries Largely Responsible

It is routine among environmentalists to criticize hatcheries, but, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, they are largely responsible for this year’s huge salmon population. An excerpt. Salmon are running in epic numbers this year off the Central … Continue reading

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Salmon Hatchery Experiment

Very interesting story from the Redding Searchlight trying a new way to get hatchery salmon to the ocean. An excerpt. Will hatchery-raised salmon have a better chance of surviving their journey to the Pacific Ocean and back if they get … Continue reading

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