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Delta as National Heritage Area?

A process we have long called for the American River Watershed—see our report (p. 30 on)—appears to be well underway for the Delta, according to this story from News Deeply. An excerpt. California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a unique landscape: … Continue reading

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Happy 70th Birthday to a Great American Suburb

This story from the Wall Street Journal reminds us of the history. An excerpt. Today most American homes take four to six months to build, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This makes the following fact even more extraordinary: At … Continue reading

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Housing the Mentally Ill

Years ago the mentally ill who could not take care of themselves were housed in government facilities, and, as this story from the Wall Street Journal notes, that perhaps provided more good than bad. An excerpt. To say I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Fake News & Abraham Lincoln

Republicans are talking a lot about Fake News these days and it is interesting to note that the founder of the Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln, also had to deal with it during his campaign for president, as Doris Kearns … Continue reading

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City of Trees & Farm to Fork

Someone finally puts into print what I and many others have been thinking since the silly painting over on the water tower, both can be celebrated! An excerpt from Sacramentality.Com In seeking “to make sure that everyone on Interstate 5 … Continue reading

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The California Difference

An excellent review of our glorious California home from New Geography. An excerpt. In 1949 the historian Carey McWilliams defined California as the “the Great Exception” — a place so different from the rest of America as to seem almost … Continue reading

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Our Greatest President

Most would agree that to be Abraham Lincoln and this short speech—addressing a country divided—from 1861 is one of the very many reasons why. Address in Independence Hall On Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural journey to Washington as president-elect, he stopped in … Continue reading

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