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Parkway Clean-Up

According to this story from the Sacramento Bee, some serious progress is being made as a result of the new money put into getting the homeless who are illegally camping in the parkway out of there and situated in a … Continue reading

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Cover Cropping

According to News Deeply, this ancient practice is slowly being revived, which is good for farmers and our food supply. An excerpt. This spring in California several orchards around Solano and nearby counties sported a new look: lush carpets of … Continue reading

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Saving Central Park

A great review of the book on how it was done, providing a philosophical guidebook to saving our own Parkway, from the Wall Street Journal, and it is in the final paragraph of our post that the secret of the … Continue reading

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Indian Heritage Center, Finally

According to this article in the Sacramento Bee, major funds are, possibly, finally available for this wonderful project we have been advocating for since 2005. It was initially designed to be on the historic Indian village location in the North Sacramento … Continue reading

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America’s Doing Okay

A very nice optimistic article by James Fallows, about our country, from The Atlantic. An excerpt. I have seen the future, and it is in the United States. After a several-year immersion in parts of the country that make the … Continue reading

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California, How We Doing?

Not so good, according to Joel Kotkin—reflecting, sadly, most of the current writing on California—writing in the Orange County Register. An excerpt. In the past, wrote historian Kevin Starr, California “was a final frontier: of geography and of expectation.” Today in … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Where Everyone Goes?

It is beginning to seem like it, as this article from the Orange County Register reports. An excerpt. Over the past decade, the old urban model, long favored by most media and academia, became the harbinger of the new city. … Continue reading

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