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Two Faces of Environmental Movement

Once when we really needed them and once when not so much. First, when we needed them: At Owens Lake as this story from California Sun reports. A century ago, Los Angeles pulled a sensational swindle. Agents from the city posed … Continue reading

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St. Francis Dam

This article from the Los Angeles Times is a grim reminder that big dams should be built by big government and this one was not; built by the city of Los Angeles and it failed due to bad engineering, as … Continue reading

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Locke, Uncertain Future?

Good story from the California Sun, about one of our family’s favorite places and you can join the Locke Foundation at to help out.. An excerpt. Perched along a river bank in the California Delta is the only surviving … Continue reading

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Mass Suburbanization & Ethnic Flight

Great article from New Geography. An excerpt. For the first decades of mass suburbanization, the movement from urban cores often has been referred to as “white flight”. But now major metropolitan area living patterns indicate something much different, what might … Continue reading

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Can Isleton Come Back?

I think most of us who are familiar with Isleton certainly hope so—I know I do—so this positive article from Comstock’s Magazine is heartening. An excerpt. Lucy, a once-feral cat, scampers over as the front door of the Isleton Chamber … Continue reading

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Reading Old Books

I couldn’t agree more with the premise of this great article from the American Conservative, except the first statement as I love reading new books also. An excerpt. “I hate to read new books.” So begins William Hazlitt’s essay “On … Continue reading

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Land Park, Olmstead & the Parkway

Olmstead’s spirit and work (he did Central Park) needs to be a model for the Parkway as it was for Land Park. An excellent article from the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. In 1918, the city of Sacramento bought the tract … Continue reading

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