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The Nation State

An absolute must read from the Wall Street Journal, and while reading, remember the principle of subsidiarity. Excerpts. No one saw it coming—that the next big thing of the 21st century would be the nation-state, an idea from the 17th. … Continue reading

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Medieval California, Part I

Wow! This article puts the current homeless situation in our state in a dire historical reference, from City Journal. An excerpt. California, to some people’s way of thinking, is the most modern state in the country, if not the most … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule

More evidence of that fact, from American Affairs. An excerpt. A metropolitan economy, if it is working well, is constantly transforming many poor people into middle-class people, many illiterates into skilled people, many greenhorns into competent citizens. . . . … Continue reading

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Environmentalist Movement in Historical Context

This is a very important and informative article from New Geography. An excerpt. The notion that an ever growing and/or wealthier population can only deliver environmental doom has been the standard foundational belief of the modern environmental movement. The latest … Continue reading

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Ancient Trees

Wow, tree over 2,600 years old in North Carolina, study from IOP Science. The Abstract. Abstract Bald cypress trees over 2,000-years old have been discovered in the forested wetlands along Black River using dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating. The oldest bald … Continue reading

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California’s Water System, a Global Wonder

We too often forget how wonderful the work done by our ancestors—unfortunately not kept up or improved since—did to bring water to the entire state, store it for dry years, and control it to protect from floods, but this story … Continue reading

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Water is For Fighting

I believe it was Mark Twain who said, “whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting”, anyway, the old California battle rages on, as this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, reports. An excerpt. CLEMENTS, San Joaquin County — When … Continue reading

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