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City of Trees & Farm to Fork

Someone finally puts into print what I and many others have been thinking since the silly painting over on the water tower, both can be celebrated! An excerpt from Sacramentality.Com In seeking “to make sure that everyone on Interstate 5 … Continue reading

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The California Difference

An excellent review of our glorious California home from New Geography. An excerpt. In 1949 the historian Carey McWilliams defined California as the “the Great Exception” — a place so different from the rest of America as to seem almost … Continue reading

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Our Greatest President

Most would agree that to be Abraham Lincoln and this short speech—addressing a country divided—from 1861 is one of the very many reasons why. Address in Independence Hall On Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural journey to Washington as president-elect, he stopped in … Continue reading

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Cubs Do It!

Wow, what a great world series, and here’s a story from the Chicago Tribune about the historic night. An excerpt. Finally. The most epic drought in sports history is over, and the Cubs are world champions. After 108 years of … Continue reading

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The Water Scare

This story from the Bakersfield News tells a somewhat scary story about how water is managed in California. An excerpt. Millions of Californians nearly had their water shut off late last month because the federal government ran out of water … Continue reading

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California Dreaming

Apparently, that’s what the authors of this article in New Geography feel California’s politicians are dong in regard to their predictions of our future, based on their actions in the present. An excerpt. In Sacramento, and much of the media, … Continue reading

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Urban Forms in China

A very interesting article examining such from New Geography. An excerpt. Ordos, in China’s Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia (equivalent to a province) has received international notoriety as a “ghost city.” I had already visited one other ghost city and … Continue reading

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