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Treating the Homeless, Vigorously

Compassion, common sense, and public safety dictate we need to be much more vigorous in our treatment of the severely mentally ill homeless—many of whom live in the Parkway, some for many years—to the point of forcing them into treatment. … Continue reading

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Suburban Fake News

It’s been around for quite a while, and this great article from City Journal talks about it. An excerpt. “For more than a decade, leading urbanists and their media disciples have touted the idea that a resurgence of cities was … Continue reading

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Sound Advice on California Wildfires

Excellent article from California Globe. An excerpt. “Nobody knew how the fire started. It took hold in the dry chaparral and grasslands and quickly spread up the sides of the canyon. Propelled by winds gusting over 40 miles per hour … Continue reading

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Olmsted, the Parkway and English Parks

Frederick Law Olmsted was the founder of the American Landscape Architectural profession and the designer of Central Park—our model of how the Parkway should look and be governed—and the greatest influence on him was the English Park. One of his … Continue reading

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Congressman McClintock on Forest Management

Our favorite congressman gave a talk at Lake Tahoe the other day on forest management, (posted to his blog) which was excellent. An excerpt. “Look around at the beauty that surrounds us. By this time tomorrow, the scene could be … Continue reading

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The New Urbanists

They aren’t really that new, having been with us now for decades, but their work is attempting to ruin a way of life (suburbs, cars, freeways, etc.) loved by the majority of Americans, as this article from the Wall Street … Continue reading

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The Nation State

An absolute must read from the Wall Street Journal, and while reading, remember the principle of subsidiarity. Excerpts. No one saw it coming—that the next big thing of the 21st century would be the nation-state, an idea from the 17th. … Continue reading

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