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Parkway Organizations Recognizing Illegal Camping Issue

Ever since our founding in 2003—with illegal camping a central focus of our nonprofit—we have tried to get the other Parkway organizations on board recognizing and addressing this issue and over the past couple of years, it is finally happening. … Continue reading

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Political Will to Fight Homelessness

This is a pretty good article from Sacramento’s Mayor in the Sacramento Bee, and we hope he is able to provide the leadership to make this happen, as the leader of the largest community in the region and the community … Continue reading

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County Homeless Initiative

Looks like a pretty strong push—though their record so far on illegal camping in the Parkway is abysmal, hope springs eternal—noted on Sacramento County News. An excerpt. With the approval of the recommended budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18 on June … Continue reading

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Homeless Count

This article in the Sacramento Bee highlights some important information from the recent count, two facts being: 70% of Sacramento Region homeless are natives and most are in the city of Sacramento with large concentration in the Parkway. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Fixing the Parkway

The article in the Sacramento Bee is good, but lacking a bit in the solution side. The current strategy—which this article changes minimally—of removing illegal campers from the Parkway is not working and, in fact, because it is a de … Continue reading

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County Discusses Parkway

I listened to this discussion outlined in this Sacramento Bee article and was reminded of how difficult it is for government to manage at the ground level and how much better the Parkway would be under management of a nonprofit … Continue reading

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Slobe on the Parkway

Excellent piece from Channel 13 on the Parkway with comments from Bob Slobe. Little history, it was meeting Bob Slobe and hearing for the first time, in 2003—when I was serving a term as president of the American River Natural … Continue reading

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