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Is Addiction the Issue Rather than Lack of Housing?

That’s the thesis of this worth-thinking-about homelessness article from City Journal. An excerpt. By latest count, some 109,089 men and women are sleeping on the streets of major cities in California, Oregon, and Washington. The homelessness crisis in these cities has … Continue reading

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Medieval California, Part II

I think I posted this awhile back but it’s appropriate to do so again as a follow-up to yesterday’s post, this from the City Journal. An excerpt. Seattle is under siege. Over the past five years, the Emerald City has … Continue reading

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Medieval California, Part I

Wow! This article puts the current homeless situation in our state in a dire historical reference, from City Journal. An excerpt. California, to some people’s way of thinking, is the most modern state in the country, if not the most … Continue reading

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Solving Homelessness

An excellent article from California Globe examining the issue. An excerpt. Los Angeles could be at risk of a deadly typhus epidemic this summer according to Dr. Drew Pinsky, an outspoken celebrity doctor and specialist in addiction medicine. Pinsky, a … Continue reading

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Homeless Warrants Served in Parkway

Many were arrested in this sweep of Parkway homeless encampments, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. Considering the large homeless population camping in the Parkway, we hope the sweeps increase in frequency. An excerpt. A few dozen park rangers and … Continue reading

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Homeless & Levees, Best Article Yet

From the Daily Mail, this is the best compilation yet of print and photos of this very scary situation. An excerpt. Homeless encampments along the Sacramento [and American] river are damaging flood levees and could be putting more than 100,000 … Continue reading

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City Calls For More Talk, Talk

Though talking can be good, the immediate problem is obvious, as this story from CBS 13 reports, so clearing camps from the levees seems simple enough, just requiring the political will to do so. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In … Continue reading

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