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County Homeless Center Idea

The Sacramento Bee editorial comments on a good idea, but only serving 75 people hardly qualifies it as a serious move considering there are estimated between 2,000 to 3,000 homeless in the County, with only a few hundred or so … Continue reading

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Downtown’s Homeless

The abundance of homeless downtown is a large reason few, who don’t have to, venture there, as this article from the Sacramento Bee, makes clear. An excerpt. Good intentions can come at a cost, such as having to smell urine … Continue reading

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Homelessness in Portland: A Case Study

In a city very similar to Sacramento policy wise, the issue is explored in some depth in this excellent article/podcast from City Journal. An excerpt. Brian Anderson: The Pacific Northwest has long been a magnet for street people, and nowhere … Continue reading

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Trashed Parkway

This story in the Sacramento Bee reveals the vast amount of trash stirred up by the flooding of illegal homeless camp sites, and other debris, due to the high water over the past several weeks. An excerpt. As floodwater recedes … Continue reading

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Homeless in Parkway is the Accepted Norm

That is not news to Woodlake and other neighborhoods who have been bearing the brunt of illegal camping by the homeless in the Parkway for years and it is the clear conclusion of this article—watch the video interview—from KCRA 3 … Continue reading

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Trouble with Triage Approach

The main objection to this approach—called for in this Sacramento Bee article—is that it limits help to those most needing it, which, while appropriate in medicine, is not necessarily so in homeless social services where everyone is in dire need. … Continue reading

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Homeless Camper 32 Years on the River

That is the astounding claim that emerges from this story in the Sacramento Bee and reinforces what people with knowledge about illegal camping in the Parkway have known for a long time; illegal camping has been a problem for decades … Continue reading

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