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Polluted County Courthouse

It appears, from this story at KCRA 3, that every night after the courthouse closes, throngs of homeless set up camp around it and after using it as an outhouse, etc. and the results are becoming toxic to those who … Continue reading

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Housing the Mentally Ill

Years ago the mentally ill who could not take care of themselves were housed in government facilities, and, as this story from the Wall Street Journal notes, that perhaps provided more good than bad. An excerpt. To say I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Sacramento Bee Gets it Wrong, Again

This editorial from the Sacramento Bee understands that laws need to be enforced on the Parkway regarding dogs on leash, but in continuing to refer to illegal campers as campers without illegal preceding, they encourage the normalizing of illegal camping. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Pit Bulls in the Parkway

Too many of them, belonging to the homeless illegally camping in the Parkway, are running loose and biting Parkway users, as this story in the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Gabriel Frazee was riding his bike near a homeless encampment … Continue reading

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Backhoeing Illegal Homeless Camps

Two things leap out from this very informative article in Sacramento News & Review: the tragic and desperate conditions under which the homeless live, and the importance of clearing out camps that are dangerous, polluted, and often fire- traps. An … Continue reading

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The Parkway’s Skid Row

Skid Rows develop largely as the result of inaction–or wanting to contain a problem–by public leadership allowing a public area of a city, or in this case, of a park, to sink into degradation by not appropriating the proper resources, … Continue reading

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Two Good Articles on Illegal Camping from SARA

A very welcome bit of support from Save the American River Association noting the great danger and degradation occurring in the Parkway’s Skid Row—Discovery Park to Cal/Expo—and hopefully other Parkway advocates will get on board with regular focus on this problem, which … Continue reading

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