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Supervisor Frost’s Report on Homeless Program

Excellent report, with the sad, but expected, results; from her Facebook page. In full. “While I know COVID-19 is on all our minds right now, I wanted to share some news with you about a homeless program that I spearheaded … Continue reading

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Homeless Encampments & Coronavirus

Hopefully, Sacramento leadership will become aware of the failure of encouraging homeless encampments—especially during this time—as reported by City Journal, and act accordingly. An excerpt. “Progressives routinely denounce economic inequality, yet the nation’s most liberal cities offer the most dramatic … Continue reading

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Homeless & Levee Destruction

A huge problem—and a solution—as reported in this story from Cal Matters. An excerpt. “California’s homeless crisis is one of the state’s top issues, but the least discussed aspect of this broad problem is the damage these homeless encampments cause to … Continue reading

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Remembering the Homeless

They are a vulnerable population and we need to remember them during the virus epidemic, as this article from City Journal reminds us. An excerpt. “Thus far, no homeless people have tested positive for coronavirus, though that may be due … Continue reading

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Remember the old saying, garbage in garbage out, or GIGO, well, that’s a pretty apt point to make about the progressive discussion around homelessness, as this article from City Journal describes. An excerpt. “In recent years, discussion about homelessness has … Continue reading

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Treating the Homeless, Vigorously

Compassion, common sense, and public safety dictate we need to be much more vigorous in our treatment of the severely mentally ill homeless—many of whom live in the Parkway, some for many years—to the point of forcing them into treatment. … Continue reading

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25% Of Nation’s Homeless in California

Very informative article from Channel 3. An excerpt. “More than half a million people are homeless in the United States and California is the epicenter of the crisis, with encampments expanding in every major city, encroaching on residential neighborhoods and … Continue reading

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