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From the Parkway to the Suburbs

This story from the Sacramento Bee about a woman who lived homeless in the Parkway for many years but is now housed in a suburban setting is both heartwarming and revealing. Heartwarming as she is on the path to recovering … Continue reading

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Reducing Homelessness to Zero

An effort is developing to accomplish that and some areas have done it according to this story from the New York Times, with a hat tip to Pike Oliver’s excellent blog, Urbanexus, at  An excerpt. If you’re eager to … Continue reading

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Not Accepting Homelessness as a Way of Life

That is the secret to dealing with it effectively and this article from the LA Times reports on that stance as taken by Orange County and one that should be adopted by Sacramento, and I’ve highlighted the key statement. An … Continue reading

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Parkway Clean-Up

According to this story from the Sacramento Bee, some serious progress is being made as a result of the new money put into getting the homeless who are illegally camping in the parkway out of there and situated in a … Continue reading

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Politics & Homelessness

It is getting intense but some common sense is emerging in San Francisco, as this article from The New York Times reports. An excerpt. SAN FRANCISCO — In the bluest of blue cities, it can be hard to tell political … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless

In our area, a strategy helping the homeless and local residents and business needs to be developed—capable of sheltering up to 2 or 3 thousand homeless a night—and we suggest basing it on San Antonio’s Haven for Hope program  especiallyContinue reading

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Homeless & Libraries

I haven’t been in the downtown library for years, but I hope it is not as impacted as this one in Santa Monica, as reported by US News. An excerpt. James sat camped outside the main branch of the Santa … Continue reading

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