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Mentally Ill Homeless

They are a social tragedy, many illegally camping in the Parkway, and, often, a public safety issue; so, this article from California Globe is well-timed. An excerpt. “Governor Newsom just signed three bills promoting needed reforms to California’s dysfunctional mental … Continue reading

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Homeless Concentration

The River District has the highest concentration of homeless and related services in the city, which this article from KCRA notes, and adding more is not a good solution for helping the homeless or protecting the residences and businesses in … Continue reading

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Suing Over Parkway/River Pollution

Local groups could use this action, as reported by KCRA,  as a model to help protect the Parkway. An excerpt. “A nonprofit environmental group is suing Caltrans over a homeless camp that is on the department’s land. “The Stewards of … Continue reading

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E Coli in American River

An ongoing problem, as reported by KCRA Channel 3. Article claims no one knows where the e coli comes from but most folks who have kept track of news from the area in mention, surely understand it is probably connected … Continue reading

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Clearing Hundreds of Parkway Homeless Camps

The inability to do so causes another problem, a very serious one, as this story from Channel 13 reports. An excerpt. “SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Law enforcement said the homeless camps along the river made thermal imaging difficult to use while … Continue reading

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Treating the Homeless

Only in San Francisco, as reported by City Journal. An excerpt. “San Francisco officials deny direct involvement in a controversial program, funded by private sources, that provides free alcohol, cannabis, and cigarettes to homeless people living in the city’s hotels … Continue reading

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The Once Great City

So sad what is happening to the City; and this article from City Journal reports on the current results. An excerpt. “On January 8, London Breed, San Francisco’s mayor, was sworn in for her first full term. House Speaker Nancy … Continue reading

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Ranger Reports, January through March 2020 & 2019, year to date

Homeless encampment numbers, 2020 Homeless Encampments Camps cleared 455 Garbage and Debris removed 5 tons Homeless encampment numbers, 2019 Illegal Camping Camps Cleared 2236 Garbage and debris removed 390.5 tons Retrieved May 9, 2020 from Be well Everyone!

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Homeless Program Cleaning Parkway Failed

And here is why, from the Newsletter of Sue Frost, surely one of the best local politicians we have. The Post. “Sacramento County Homeless Program “While I know COVID-19 is on all our minds right now, I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless During the Virus

A good article from KCRA about the details. An excerpt. “A $15.1 million COVID-19 homeless response plan is unfolding in the city and county of Sacramento. “The plan is largely a combination of reimbursable state and federal emergency funding, specifically … Continue reading

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