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Adding to the Pain

Sacramento plans to add more homeless to a community already overrun by them, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. It is very sad. An excerpt. As Sacramento’s housing and homeless crises deepen, city officials are proposing to open … Continue reading

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Homelessness in California

As in the Parkway, the homeless prefer illegally camping in nature than in cities (easier to hide and find fresh water) as this article from the San Francisco Chronicle reports. An excerpt. California housing costs are spiraling so high that … Continue reading

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Haven for Hope

A great article from the Los Angeles Times on the homeless program we suggest Sacramento copy and adapt. An excerpt. It used to be that Ron Brown would work the storefronts of downtown San Antonio, trying to persuade homeless people … Continue reading

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Non Enforcement of Laws Encourages Law Breaking

This is a fairly simple common sense statement, but caught in the briar patch of political correctness and missing-the-point narrative of “You can’t arrest yourself out of homelessness.” , local leadership has forgotten it, as this story from the Sacramento Bee … Continue reading

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American River Polluted

The title of this article in the Sacramento Bee asks if the homeless camps are to blame, and all who have kept up on this situation can reply with a resounding Yes! as the level of trash and human waste … Continue reading

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Homeless Taking Over L.A.?

Some would say this is Sacramento’s future, while others say it is already, while the truth is somewhere in between but too far to the latter to reassure us. An excerpt from this scary article from Los Angeles Daily News. … Continue reading

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County Approves Parkway Money

Well, it was an interesting discussion with the usual assortment of voices nicely captured in this Sacramento Bee article. We wish the County the best, but we’ve been here before and the problem still keeps getting worse; but, hope springs … Continue reading

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