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Health Warning from Homeless Camping

The deadly situation in Riverside County, as reported by the California Globe, is similar to what is happening in the American River Parkway due to homeless camping, An excerpt. “Fear of the deadly Shigella bacteria has prompted health officials in … Continue reading

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Environmentalist’s Add to Homelessness?

That is the argument—a pretty good one I think—made in this article from New Geography, titled The Unintended Consequence Of The Green Movement Is The Creation Of More Homeless. An excerpt. “The green movement has done a great job of … Continue reading

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The Mentally Ill, Homelessness, & Violence

In this article from City Journal, the sad history of public leadership’s failure to address the three effectively is outlined. An excerpt. “Early last month, 29-year-old Christopher Morisette rampaged through the streets of Seattle, stabbing three pedestrians with a steel … Continue reading

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Could this Woodland site be the solution to homelessness?

An article with that title appeared on the Channel 10 News site reporting on a project apparently modeled after Haven for Hope in San Antonio we have long advocated for Sacramento. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and … Continue reading

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The Homeless Industrial Complex

This article is a must read, from the Center for American Greatness. Excerpts. In his final speech from the White House in January 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the nation that the military had joined with the arms industry … Continue reading

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Update on Boise Case

This is the Ninth Circuit case that said that if cities do not have enough shelters to house all of the homeless in their area then the homeless have the right to camp in public spaces. This update from City … Continue reading

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Homelessness in LA, A Primer

Completing a trifecta this week about homelessness in California, this article from New Geography is superb. An excerpt. I’ll start by giving you all a chance to consider some basic questions that Mayor Eric Garcetti and his staff failed to … Continue reading

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