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Philanthropy Helping America

As this article—an excerpt from a newly published book—from Philanthropy Roundtable reports, the help is considerable. An excerpt. Philanthropy is a very big part of what makes America America. Start with the brute numbers: Our nonprofit sector now employs 11 … Continue reading

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State Conservancy Support

While this supportive article in the Sacramento Bee about the proposed legislation establishing a state parkway conservancy is accurate on the benefits, and sentiments, it fails to mention (while noting the homeless camping problem) the inability of the current Parkway … Continue reading

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Birthing a Nonprofit

I have started several nonprofits over the years—ARPPS being one—and this article accurately examines the moment birthing begins and the process, from Nonprofit Quarterly. An excerpt. There is a classic philosophical problem called the “sorites paradox,” or “paradox of the … Continue reading

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Philanthropy in America

It is responsible for so much of what makes this an exceptional country (if the Parkway ever comes under nonprofit daily management as we propose, philanthropy would vastly increase its funding) and this article from Philanthropy Magazine introducing a new resource is … Continue reading

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State Parkway Conservancy

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, legislation is being introduced that would create a state conservancy for the Parkway. While the elements of more money and more representative leadership on the board are good, the aspect that essentially gives the … Continue reading

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L.A. River’s Linear Central Park

It is in the plans, as this story from the Los Angeles Times reports and reminds us that is exactly what the American River Parkway is and why we use the Central Park Conservancy as our model of how the … Continue reading

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State Nonprofit Conservancy or Independent Nonprofit Conservancy

The idea reported in this article from the Sacramento Bee came during our organization presenting to the County Board of Supervisors October 6, 2015, the concept we have been discussing for years, management of the Parkway by an independent … Continue reading

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