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Zoo to Old Kings Arena Site

This is a wonderful idea, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. What we really like about the Sacramento Zoo is that it’s an example of how well a nonprofit can manage, in contract with the city, a priceless public heritage; … Continue reading

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Saving Central Park

A great review of the book, Saving Central Park: A History and a Memoir, by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, on how it was done, providing a philosophical guidebook to saving our own Parkway, from the Wall Street Journal, and it is … Continue reading

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Money May Help Parkway, Then Again, it May Not

This article in the Sacramento Bee makes a good case that increasing the amount of money to the Parkway may help resolve the illegal camping destroying it, but history shows little change, regardless of the newest strategy—and there have been … Continue reading

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County Discusses Parkway

I listened to this discussion outlined in this Sacramento Bee article and was reminded of how difficult it is for government to manage at the ground level and how much better the Parkway would be under management of a nonprofit … Continue reading

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Philanthropy Helping America

As this article—an excerpt from a newly published book—from Philanthropy Roundtable reports, the help is considerable. An excerpt. Philanthropy is a very big part of what makes America America. Start with the brute numbers: Our nonprofit sector now employs 11 … Continue reading

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State Conservancy Support

While this supportive article in the Sacramento Bee about the proposed legislation establishing a state parkway conservancy is accurate on the benefits, and sentiments, it fails to mention (while noting the homeless camping problem) the inability of the current Parkway … Continue reading

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Birthing a Nonprofit

I have started several nonprofits over the years—ARPPS being one—and this article accurately examines the moment birthing begins and the process, from Nonprofit Quarterly. An excerpt. There is a classic philosophical problem called the “sorites paradox,” or “paradox of the … Continue reading

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