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Sound Advice on California Wildfires

Excellent article from California Globe. An excerpt. “Nobody knew how the fire started. It took hold in the dry chaparral and grasslands and quickly spread up the sides of the canyon. Propelled by winds gusting over 40 miles per hour … Continue reading

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Multiple Fires in Parkway Skid Row

As the Sacramento Bee is reporting this morning. “Fire crews are responding to grass fires in the lower American River Parkway on Wednesday morning. “Several fire engines are responding to multiple spot fires on the south side of the American … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire

According to this story from the Sacrament Bee, (clearly related to the previous blog post)  the Two Alarm fire broke out at Mile Marker 3, right in the center of the primary homeless illegal camping area, Saturday October 6. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Cutting Trees Down in Parkway

This article in the Sacramento Bee about the conflict stirred up by PG&E planning to cut trees down near its power lines is good in explaining how some environmental organizations don’t see the forest for the trees. The Parkway—especially in … Continue reading

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Wildfires Started Primarily by People

As reported by this article in the New York Times. An excerpt. LOS ANGELES — In the summer of 1965, Johnny Cash was living in the wilderness of Southern California when — possibly high on drugs — he sparked a … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire

From SacFire Twitter UPDATE: Quick attack stops fire in AR Parkway at 1/2 acre. Good news on this #RedFlagWarning day. Crews mopping up now.

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Parkway Fires Start Up Again

Due to the failure of local leadership to remove illegal campers from the Parkway’s Skid Row—Discovery Park to Cal Expo—the Parkway is burning again, as this June 22nd article from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. A grass fire burned … Continue reading

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