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Global Warming Alarmism

An antidote for those who need one, a new book reviewed at American Greatness. An excerpt. “An important new book by Michael Shellenberger, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, attempts to counter the common belief that climate change poses an … Continue reading

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The Great City by the Bay is Floundering, Badly

We have loved San Francisco; going there was always a delight, but not so for many years and this superb article from City Journal explains. An excerpt. “The moving trucks are here. On any given day, you can see two … Continue reading

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Green Power Delusional?

An excellent case is made that it is, in this article from Manhattan Contrarian. An excerpt. “If you dutifully read your U.S. mainstream media, you undoubtedly have the impression that “clean” and “green” energy is rapidly sweeping all before it, … Continue reading

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Public Transit & the Virus

What had been getting worse—use of public transit—has now gotten catastrophically bad, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “The Coronavirus public health emergency is an existentialist crisis for many sectors of the U.S. economy and government services. … Continue reading

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Anarchy in Seattle

This is a story prompting us to either cynically laugh, applaud, or tragically cry, from City Journal. An excerpt. “Seattle’s hard-Left secessionist movement has claimed its first territory: six blocks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. “For the past week, Black … Continue reading

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Treating the Homeless

Only in San Francisco, as reported by City Journal. An excerpt. “San Francisco officials deny direct involvement in a controversial program, funded by private sources, that provides free alcohol, cannabis, and cigarettes to homeless people living in the city’s hotels … Continue reading

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Homeless Program Cleaning Parkway Failed

And here is why, from the Newsletter of Sue Frost, surely one of the best local politicians we have. The Post. “Sacramento County Homeless Program “While I know COVID-19 is on all our minds right now, I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Is California Doing Ok?

Yes, health wise, but not so good politically, according to this article from City Journal. An excerpt. “On Wednesday, Bay Area health officials extended shelter-in-place orders through May, bringing their duration to 11 weeks. The new orders very minimally loosen … Continue reading

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California’s Water Wars

A lot going on right now, here’s a good recap from Bloomberg News. An excerpt. “Water contractors in California are suing the state over its new permit that authorizes water deliveries, the result of a conflict with the Trump administration’s … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Response to Virus

Let’s hope this strategy, as reported in this article from City Journal, doesn’t become the norm in California, But sadly, it might be. An excerpt. “An odd pattern has emerged in San Francisco as the city responds to the Covid-19 … Continue reading

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