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California’s Troubles

As follow up to yesterday’s post, this article from American Thinker may reveal the reasons. An excerpt. With crime soaring, rampant homelessness, sanctuary state status attracting the highest illegal immigrant population in the country and its “worst state in the … Continue reading

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Some Good News

This story could indicate some real good news down the road; takes a bit of reading between the lines and an awareness of the Department of Interior’s interest in California water issues; story from E&E News. An excerpt. California’s biggest … Continue reading

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California, Not Looking so Good?

That is the conclusion in this article from City Journal, which agrees with many other analysis’ out there. An excerpt. Progressives praise California as the harbinger of the political future, the home of a new, enlightened, multicultural America. Missouri Senator … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Best Solution is Local

Excellent article from the Ethics & Public Policy Center. An excerpt. We Americans are living through a complicated social crisis, and are having trouble seeing our way to renewal. One facet of the crisis is a breakdown of our public … Continue reading

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California’s Environmentalism

As examined by the City Journal; a must read. An excerpt. Environmental extremism increasingly dominates California. The state is making a concerted attack on energy companies in the courts; a bill is pending in the legislature to fine waiters $1,000—or … Continue reading

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California, Beyond the Political Hype

This new report, excerpted in New Geography, is very revealing. The excerpt. This is an excerpt of a new report, California, Greenhouse Gas Regulation, and Climate Change, from Chapman University’s Center for Demographics and Policy. The report is authored by … Continue reading

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Politics & Homelessness

It is getting intense but some common sense is emerging in San Francisco, as this article from The New York Times reports. An excerpt. SAN FRANCISCO — In the bluest of blue cities, it can be hard to tell political … Continue reading

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