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California’s Environmentalism

As examined by the City Journal; a must read. An excerpt. Environmental extremism increasingly dominates California. The state is making a concerted attack on energy companies in the courts; a bill is pending in the legislature to fine waiters $1,000—or … Continue reading

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California, Beyond the Political Hype

This new report, excerpted in New Geography, is very revealing. The excerpt. This is an excerpt of a new report, California, Greenhouse Gas Regulation, and Climate Change, from Chapman University’s Center for Demographics and Policy. The report is authored by … Continue reading

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Politics & Homelessness

It is getting intense but some common sense is emerging in San Francisco, as this article from The New York Times reports. An excerpt. SAN FRANCISCO — In the bluest of blue cities, it can be hard to tell political … Continue reading

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California, How We Doing?

Not so good, according to Joel Kotkin—reflecting, sadly, most of the current writing on California—writing in the Orange County Register. An excerpt. In the past, wrote historian Kevin Starr, California “was a final frontier: of geography and of expectation.” Today in … Continue reading

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Science or Politics?

A good look at the question, from City Journal. An excerpt. Imagine if the head of a federal agency announced a new policy for its scientific research: from now on, the agency would no longer allow its studies to be … Continue reading

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California Critiqued

Devastatingly so in this article from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University lays out. An excerpt. Californians long led an idyllic version of the American Dream: lots of sunshine, jobs, upward mobility, home and automobile ownership, inviting ample space and … Continue reading

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The Politics of Homelessness

Are playing out in Sacramento right now, as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. It’s becoming clear why the City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento are not effectively working together to combat the homelessness crisis in … Continue reading

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