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The Great City by the Bay is Floundering, Badly

We have loved San Francisco; going there was always a delight, but not so for many years and this superb article from City Journal explains. An excerpt. “The moving trucks are here. On any given day, you can see two … Continue reading

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Parkway Trail Patrol, Long Overdue and Much Welcomed

From Sacramento County: “American River Parkway Bike Patrol Hits the Trails “Article Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020 “This past February, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted to authorize the establishment of the American River Bike Patrol to watch over … Continue reading

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Suing Over Parkway/River Pollution

Local groups could use this action, as reported by KCRA,  as a model to help protect the Parkway. An excerpt. “A nonprofit environmental group is suing Caltrans over a homeless camp that is on the department’s land. “The Stewards of … Continue reading

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Lithium in Our Water

According to this article from the Sacramento Bee, this is a good thing. An excerpt. “An element commonly found in aircraft and some batteries is said to have an anti-suicidal effect when consumed via public drinking water, new research has … Continue reading

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Urban Density & the Virus

Good article from New Geography. An excerpt. “There is wide consensus that the COVID-19 virus spreads person-to-person, especially in confined spaces that are insufficiently ventilated. It is exacerbated by prolonged proximity, which John Brooks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s chief … Continue reading

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The Once Great City

So sad what is happening to the City; and this article from City Journal reports on the current results. An excerpt. “On January 8, London Breed, San Francisco’s mayor, was sworn in for her first full term. House Speaker Nancy … Continue reading

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The Virus & Inductive Reasoning

This article from City Journal shows the connection. An excerpt. “The Covid-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the struggle to find effective treatments and cures. When most people speak of the science of medicine, they are referring to a process … Continue reading

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Dangerous Parks Reduce Home Value

Common sense right; think of the Parkway’s skid row area—from Discovery Park to Cal Expo—as you read this excerpt from the Crime & Consequences blog. An excerpt. “Very often we hear economic arguments being made against effective law enforcement. We … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Response to Virus

Let’s hope this strategy, as reported in this article from City Journal, doesn’t become the norm in California, But sadly, it might be. An excerpt. “An odd pattern has emerged in San Francisco as the city responds to the Covid-19 … Continue reading

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Question Authority

One of the few good sayings to come out of the sixties and this is an excellent, provocative, article about the information too often being used to deal with the virus by Victor Davis Hanson, one of America’s most treasured … Continue reading

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