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Sacramento Bee Gets it Wrong, Again

This editorial from the Sacramento Bee understands that laws need to be enforced on the Parkway regarding dogs on leash, but in continuing to refer to illegal campers as campers without illegal preceding, they encourage the normalizing of illegal camping. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Pit Bulls in the Parkway

Too many of them, belonging to the homeless illegally camping in the Parkway, are running loose and biting Parkway users, as this story in the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Gabriel Frazee was riding his bike near a homeless encampment … Continue reading

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Two Good Articles on Illegal Camping from SARA

A very welcome bit of support from Save the American River Association noting the great danger and degradation occurring in the Parkway’s Skid Row—Discovery Park to Cal/Expo—and hopefully other Parkway advocates will get on board with regular focus on this problem, which … Continue reading

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Sacramento Parks

As this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, the lack of adequate funding for local parks is pretty disgraceful and taking a page from other regions that have addressed this, it seems appropriate to consider public private partnerships rather than … Continue reading

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Parkway Attack, Worst Avoided

As reported by KCRA. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —A Sacramento State student managed to get away from her attacker after a man hit her on the head and nearly dragged her into some bushes near the campus, according to … Continue reading

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Excellent Idea for Parkway

Tracking visitors behavior, as reported by Engadget. An excerpt. Like any other potential advertising space, New York City’s Bryant Park needs information about its visitors in order to attract potential sponsors. To gather that information, the private Bryant Park Corporation, … Continue reading

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Safety of the Streets is Largely Gone

Which is sadly true in most of the urban areas of our country, including Sacramento, and it isn’t until you get into the outlying suburbs that it returns. This article from City Journal is about this. An excerpt. “The bedrock … Continue reading

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