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Can California’s Leaders Wake Up About Water Policy?

An excellent editorial from the San Diego Union. Complete. A defining quality of California’s state government is sluggishness. It’s common for audits of state agencies to note that problems identified in previous audits remain unresolved. Now Californians are witnessing an … Continue reading

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Water Storage Ideas

Some very good ideas from Water Deeply, though nothing beats a big dam for addressing all three water storage benefits—flood control, storage, hydroelectric power. An excerpt. One of the persistent myths about California water policy is that we haven’t built … Continue reading

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Department of Interior Reorganizing?

Still preliminary but if this article from Greenwire is an indication, it could possibly be good news for Auburn Dam. An excerpt. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s vision for reorganizing the Interior Department includes dividing management of millions of federal acres … Continue reading

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Government Ignored Oroville Warnings

It ignored the warnings from its own workers and contractors who knew the spillway was being built on a surface almost sure to fail at some point, and it eventually did. It is always sad to read these kind of stories, … Continue reading

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Changing Dam’s Operating Tactics May Help Native Fish

Very interesting article from the University of Washington. An excerpt. Dams and fish have never been best friends. Thousands of dams built along U.S. rivers and streams over the last century now provide electricity for homes, store water for agriculture … Continue reading

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Water Managers Incompetent?

California Water Alliance makes a good case in this statement that they are, and from my perspective, they are correct in making that case. The statement. This week, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) set an initial water allocation … Continue reading

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Big Dams Should be Built & Maintained by Big Government

And this article from KQED is an object lesson in why, because even if, as we well know, big government screws up all the time, they still have the financial and staff resources to bring to the table when dealing … Continue reading

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