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Prepare for Drought by Adding Water Storage

A common sense approach and one that, based on this report from Stanford which focuses on conservation, new water storage—which is not mentioned in the story—is one strategy that is needed as well. An excerpt. After the wettest winter on … Continue reading

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Sacramento Far From Flood Safety

Sadly, due to a decades-long failure of public leadership to build Auburn Dam which would provide Sacramento the Gold Standard of 400/500-year level protection—see our report on Auburn Dam on our website—Sacramento remains vulnerable to massive floods, as reported in … Continue reading

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More Money for Flood Protection

That’s the suggestion from this new report noted by Capital Public Radio. An excerpt. Tropical Storm Harvey has dumped 15 trillion gallons of water on southeastern Texas. Scientists warn that with climate change, future storms will be wetter and more … Continue reading

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New Dams?

Could be, as this article from Mercury News reports. An excerpt. During the drought, Californians often asked why the state wasn’t building more reservoirs. On Tuesday, the state finally began taking a major step toward that goal, unveiling a list … Continue reading

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California’s Leaders Resist Fixing Water Storage System

Coming as no surprise to conservatives, liberal California’s political leaders are still denying reality, as this story from Fox & Hounds points out. An excerpt. A few weeks ago, the governor and other state politicians ran victory laps proclaiming their … Continue reading

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Fixing Our Water System

This article from California Magazine points the way. An excerpt. On February 12, 2017, nearly 200,000 Californians got the order to flee for their lives. Record winter rains had filled Lake Oroville, the vast reservoir that anchors the California State Water … Continue reading

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Salmon Scare

Environmentalists are claiming, in this Sacramento Bee article, the imminent extinction of salmon due to dams and other important water policies allowing deserts to bloom, cities to grow and suburbs to prosper; while conveniently forgetting that hatcheries can produce all … Continue reading

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