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California’s Water Storage Dysfunction

City Journal nailed it. An excerpt. In 2017, when cracks appeared in the Oroville Dam’s spillway, more than 180,000 Californians faced the prospect of floods. The emergency came a few years after Californians had overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1, a ballot … Continue reading

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Forest Thinning Equals More Water

Interesting article from Water Deeply, and if the results are implemented into policy, we will have yet another reason to build Auburn Dam. An excerpt. A century of fire suppression has left Western forests overgrown. That has interrupted nature’s regular … Continue reading

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Warming Calls for Auburn Dam, Fast.

This article from the Sacramento Bee reports why it is imperative to build Auburn Dam quickly. An excerpt. It was the greatest flood in recorded California history, 43 days of rain and snow that swamped the state, killed thousands of … Continue reading

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Some Dam Progress

Looks good, hope it actually happens; if so, a good beginning to rectify decades of inaction. Excerpt from Sacramento Bee. California took a big step Friday toward launching a new multibillion-dollar wave of reservoir construction. After being accused of being … Continue reading

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Raising Shasta Dam

It looks like this might—finally—actually happen, wonderful news for the entire state’s water situation, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. WASHINGTON — Congress and the Trump administration are pushing ahead with a plan to raise a towering … Continue reading

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Common Sense on Water Storage

It is represented in this Dan Walter’s column in the Sacramento Bee but hasn’t been exhibited by California leadership for decades, but hope springs eternal, does it not? An excerpt from the Bee article. The first thing to remember about … Continue reading

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Colorado Knows What to do When its Population Explodes

Increase the water supply, as this story from Water Deeply notes. Be nice if California had the same smarts. An excerpt. Colorado is expected to add 3 million residents by 2050, a 56 percent increase in a state already facing … Continue reading

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