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California & Hydroelectric Power

A very good article about it from the Water Power Magazine. An excerpt. Against a backdrop of diminishing environmental standards at the federal level, America’s states are taking the baton. In September, California’s outgoing governor, Jerry Brown, signed into law … Continue reading

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California’s Water System, a Global Wonder

We too often forget how wonderful the work done by our ancestors—unfortunately not kept up or improved since—did to bring water to the entire state, store it for dry years, and control it to protect from floods, but this story … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers & Auburn Dam

Atmospheric rivers of rain will increase, according to this article from Yale Climate Connections, and if so, California needs more storage capacity, and for our area, that means Auburn Dam; which the Bureau of Reclamation still considers an alternative, according … Continue reading

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Important Water Storage Legislation Proposed

Chances of its passage in the new House is iffy, but good legislation anyway, as reported by Maven’s Notebook. An excerpt. Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation today that would repurpose recovered Federal funding from the California High-Speed Rail project to … Continue reading

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Water Wasted

It is wasted, as this story from Fox News reports, because California has not built any water storage for decades. An excerpt. LOS ANGELES — California’s rainy season could be the wettest in 40 years, but experts say the state … Continue reading

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We Got Summer Water

Do we! Yes indeed and see how much in this story from the Los Angeles Times. An excerpt. The snow piling onto the Sierra Nevada could be considered more of a snow pile-on at this point. That’s because several feet … Continue reading

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New Scale to Rate Atmospheric Rivers

This post from the American Meteorological Society’s blog will be of prime importance to the Western states; and this story from the Sacramento Bee notes one possibly coming here soon: An excerpt from the American Meteorological Society’s blog story. … Continue reading

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