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Water Storage Mistakes

Had the original plans for Shasta Dam—200 feet higher, triple the storage—and Auburn Dam been completed, we would have plenty of water, rather than the situation reported by UC Merced News. It is not too late for common sense policies … Continue reading

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Building Dams

A very heartening article from California Globe. An excerpt. “To Susan Shelly, writing in the July 9, 2018 issue of the Orange County Register, denying funding for new dam construction in California under the 2014 Water Bond as a “private … Continue reading

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Sacramento Levee Improvements

Always good to read about these, News Story from the Army Corps of Engineers. News Story. “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District awarded a $64 million construction contract on February 14 to Maloney Odin Joint Venture of Novato, … Continue reading

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Atmospheric River Research

An excellent article about it from Cal Matters. An excerpt. “We were flying about 200 nautical miles off the coast of California when a voice over the headset reported a strong smell of fuel in the back of the plane. … Continue reading

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Sacramento Flood Potential?

The title of this article from Capital Public Radio is “Could Sacramento Flood Like New Orleans? It’s Possible, But Water Managers Are Trying To Make It Less Likely.” It’s a good read, and describes good work, but the Auburn Dam … Continue reading

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Strengthening Folsom Dam

Good project, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, but best one is to build the Auburn Dam. An excerpt. “At the ripe old age of 64, Folsom Dam is about to hit a growth spurt. “Federal crews have begun a … Continue reading

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Hatchery Salmon

Hatchery salmon are the result of protecting the salmon population after building the great dams that provide so much for California. This article from Action News Now describes the process hatchery salmon take getting to the ocean. An excerpt. “ANDERSON, … Continue reading

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Feds Should Build Dams

Any dam of substantial size or threatening communities should be built by the federal government, as they are the only ones with the expertise and resources to ensure a good and safe build. This article from the Los Angeles Times … Continue reading

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Raise Shasta Dam

That is the message of this superb article from the Orange County Register; and it makes very good sense to increase the height of a dam originally engineered to be 200 feet higher (it is currently 602 feet high) , … Continue reading

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Dams Grow Food

That is the message being put out effectively, as this dispatch from California Ag Today reports. The Dispatch. “GAR  Tootelian and Families Protecting the Valley, are rolling up their sleeves to put up several hundred road signs calling for action … Continue reading

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