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Restore Hetch Hetchy

This is a cause we support even though it appears contradictory to our also supporting the building of Auburn Dam and support of dam technology over-all. The reason we support the Restore Hetch Hetchy movement is that the valley covered with … Continue reading

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California Water Storage

As this editorial from the San Diego Union Tribune makes clear, it is time to add more storage; let’s build some dams and further protect ourselves against flooding and drought. An excerpt. It has long been plain that California must … Continue reading

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California Dams

Their future looks good—possibly— as this story from Ag Alert, explains. The story. Amid a flood of concern regarding a state proposal to divert more water to the ocean, a Cabinet secretary visited two of the affected reservoirs and a … Continue reading

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Using Dams as Power Storage

Wow, if this technology works, and this article from the New York Times is very positive that it will, it will put a whole different spin on the value of dams, though the environmental lobby will still fight the building … Continue reading

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Money for Dams

About time, but still needs to get built, story from the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. For the first time since California’s dam-building boom ended nearly a half century ago, state officials on Tuesday approved a windfall of cash for … Continue reading

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Sacramento, Second Most Flood Prone in US

That sad reality has not changed, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, although the move up the level of flood protection from 100 year flood to 300 year flood is an improvement, though the gold standard is 500 … Continue reading

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Auburn Dam Authority Change

As reported by the Auburn Journal. The complete article. Plug pulled on Auburn dam vestige American River Authority votes to disband joint-powers panel By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist Formed 36 years ago to jumpstart a stalled Auburn dam effort, the American … Continue reading

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