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First Shasta now Hoover Dam Getting an Upgrade

And it looks like a pretty big one, as this story from CBS News reports; pretty good dam news lately. An excerpt. Hoover Dam is one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th century. Built during the Great Depression, … Continue reading

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Shasta Dam Getting Higher, Wonderful News!

Work has begun on the raising of Shasta Dam, as reprote4d by the Redding Record Searchlight though only for 18 feet when it could go as high as 200 feet-which it was originally engineered for—as Wikipedia notes: “The strained supplies … Continue reading

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Orville Dam Rebar Grid Section Collapses

For those who are not enamored by California’s management of Oroville Dam, this article from Capital Public Radio will lend some more perspective. An excerpt. A temporary section of the new Lake Oroville main spillway project fell over last week … Continue reading

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Some Good News

This story could indicate some real good news down the road; takes a bit of reading between the lines and an awareness of the Department of Interior’s interest in California water issues; story from E&E News. An excerpt. California’s biggest … Continue reading

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Restore Hetch Hetchy

This is a cause we support even though it appears contradictory to our also supporting the building of Auburn Dam and support of dam technology over-all. The reason we support the Restore Hetch Hetchy movement is that the valley covered with … Continue reading

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California Water Storage

As this editorial from the San Diego Union Tribune makes clear, it is time to add more storage; let’s build some dams and further protect ourselves against flooding and drought. An excerpt. It has long been plain that California must … Continue reading

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California Dams

Their future looks good—possibly— as this story from Ag Alert, explains. The story. Amid a flood of concern regarding a state proposal to divert more water to the ocean, a Cabinet secretary visited two of the affected reservoirs and a … Continue reading

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