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Cars & Mass Transit

A very revealing article from New Geography about Los Angeles transportation policy, reveals the ineffectiveness of most mass transit systems and the importance of building more freeways to allow easier transport by cars, all of which applies as well to the … Continue reading

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Bike Lanes

A pretty good article about them, from Governing Magazine. An excerpt. The taxi driver taking me from Chicago’s Midway Airport to Hyde Park was unequivocal about what he thought of all the bike lanes Mayor Rahm Emanuel was installing across … Continue reading

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Mass Transit for Sacramento is a Waste

That has long been established, suburban communities, such as Sacramento—where only 2.66% of commuting is done through mass transit—don’t use mass transit, and this article from New Geography pinpoints the statistics. Our transit money would be much better spent on … Continue reading

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Making Mass Transit Work

As Sacramento struggles to develop a mass transit system that is safe and welcoming to everyone, the example set by New York City is worth noting, and this article from City Journal gives a good look. An excerpt. At 10:20 … Continue reading

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Through China by Train

A very informative article about China and its train system, from New Geography. An excerpt. There is no better way to see China than by train. This is especially true because foreigners are not allowed to drive rental cars without … Continue reading

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Uber & Lyft Changing Travel

Especially when carpooling is added to their service, as this article from New Geography points out. An excerpt. How will new carpool options like LyftLine and UberPool affect the marketplace of transit services? When mobility conversations turn to Lyft, Uber … Continue reading

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Desire for Streetcars

It seems to be running rampant across the country and also here in Sacramento, so this article from Governing Magazine is timely. An excerpt. Streetcars: If You Build It, Will They Come? Slow to build and expensive to operate, streetcars … Continue reading

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