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Driving is Preferred

Very much so now, and, according to this article from New Geography, that will only increase. An excerpt. “The mayor of San Diego wants to spend $177 billion expanding the region’s transit system in order to make San Diego like “Barcelona, Madrid, … Continue reading

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Future of Driving After the Pandemic

From New Geography. An excerpt. “A new study from accounting firm KPMG predicts that auto travel in the United States will be 9 to 10 percent less after the pandemic than it was before. Telecommuting, says the report, will lead to a 10 to … Continue reading

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Streetcar Suburbs

An unfamiliar term to me, but this article from New Geography explains; and many areas close to downtown would qualify, McKinley Park, Oak Park, East Sacramento, etc. An excerpt. “If there is a single American development pattern or style that … Continue reading

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Driving Alone to Work the Fastest

This article from New Geography upends one of the classic arguments for using suburban rail. An excerpt. “The long, streaking commuter trains (suburban rail) carrying workers mostly into and out of downtown every day may give the impression of “rapid … Continue reading

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High Speed Trains

I have always loved the idea of these, but, as this article from the Antiplanner notes, our success in building and managing them is not good, especially in California. An excerpt. “The California Debacle “As is well known, the California … Continue reading

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Public Transit & the Virus

What had been getting worse—use of public transit—has now gotten catastrophically bad, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “The Coronavirus public health emergency is an existentialist crisis for many sectors of the U.S. economy and government services. … Continue reading

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Urban/Suburban Planning

It is going though a big change due to the Virus—with even more folks turning to the suburbs and transport by cars—as explained in this article from American Mind. An excerpt. “We can be far more efficient in our fight … Continue reading

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Local Traffic & the Virus

Quite a change, as reported by Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. “Because no one crashed or died, the California Highway Patrol was able to throw some shade on social media at the motorcyclist who didn’t care about other people. “On … Continue reading

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Oil & the Virus

Things could change, but not necessarily as expected, according to this article from City Journal. An excerpt. “China is about one month ahead of the United States in exiting the Covid-19 shutdown. That country’s rush-hour traffic jams now equal or exceeded pre-lockdown … Continue reading

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Transit Systems, So 19th Century

Yes, they are really obsolete and we see it even more profoundly during pandemics, as this story from The Federalist reports. An excerpt. “When most of the nation’s governors shut down nonessential businesses and directed people to stay at home, … Continue reading

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