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Sacramento Needs More Buses

Yes, and this article from Sacramento News & Review makes the case. An excerpt. “Not long ago, a region choked with traffic was uncertain about its future. Many compared it unfavorably with Portland. It was headed down the same road … Continue reading

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Public Transit, the Energy Hog

Cars are more energy efficient, as this story from New Geography reports, who knew! An excerpt. “Transit is often touted as a way to save energy. But since 2009 transit has used more energy, per passenger mile, than the average … Continue reading

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Transit Spending Up, Ridership Down

Of course this is no surprise. People just prefer riding in their cars rather than the uncertainty and unsafe experience of public transit, and it is another example—like that noted yesterday—of how often government increases money to fix something and … Continue reading

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Planners Need New Plan

That’s the gist of this delightful article from New Geography reminding us of how often those folks planning certain aspects of our life—like improving transportation—probably need to talk to people involved in the aspects they are planning for before doing … Continue reading

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Homelessness & Transit Budget Waste?

Excellent article from California Globe. An excerpt. “Many cities in the United States are experiencing an overwhelming increase in the number of homeless people occupying the streets, leading many citizens to take action. Recently, in lower Manhattan, residents were so … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles, Big Changes Pending

They are big and widespread as more knowledge about them grows, but still pending, as this article from New Geography explains. An excerpt. “For years the EV’s owners have benefitted from Federal subsidies (financed by the working class) and have … Continue reading

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Public Transportation Service?

This great article from New Geography explains why it is questionable. An excerpt. “In our system of government, the public sector is, well, supposed to serve the public. But increasingly the bureaucracies at the state and local level increasingly seek … Continue reading

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