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High Speed Rail

I still lean toward support of this project, which woud be a great enhancement of California tranportation options, but man, the costs are getting out of hand, as this article from the Modesto Bee reports. An excerpt. Jerry Brown did … Continue reading

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American Discovery Trail

Now this is a trail, as Wikipedia notes: An excerpt. The American Discovery Trail is a system of recreational trails and roads which collectively form a coast-to-coast hiking and biking trail across the mid-tier of the United States. Horses can … Continue reading

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Driverless Cars and the Future?

An interesting look at that from City Journal. An excerpt. Driverless cars and trucks—or autonomous vehicles (AV)—offer a tantalizing promise of safer and unclogged roadways. In 2017, 37,150 people died in accidents on America’s roads, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Transportation & Why Cars Rule

New Geography nails it, again. An excerpt. Planners and journalists are often uneasy about suburban development, wondering how people will get to work in the center from more distant locations. They needn’t worry. Only a relatively small percentage of people … Continue reading

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Cars Rule!

Mass transit cannot now, or probably ever, compete with cars, as this article from New Geography summarizing a large study concludes. The article: The Economist provides a useful perspective on the continuing decline of mass transit ridership in its current … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Bad Drivers

I knew we were bad drivers, but not this bad, third worst in country according to this rating, from a story in the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. There is some bad news and some good news for Sacramento drivers. The … Continue reading

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Joy of Driving

The often overlooked fact about transportation choices, from Mobility Lab. An excerpt. I’ll admit it: I drove a U-haul cargo van last week and I liked it. It was stressful maneuvering the van through the city (I dented another car … Continue reading

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