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Car Myth Biting the Dust

As this article by Joel Kotkin reports, the idea that cars were on the way out is a leftist dream yet realized, and—if the private car loving public has anything to say about it and they do—probably never realized. An … Continue reading

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Transportation Infrastructure

An excellent article reflecting current thinking from government on what needs doing, from New Geography. An excerpt. There is broad public concern about the status of transportation infrastructure in the United States. On election night the future President said, “We … Continue reading

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Fair Oaks Blvd Project

If, like us, you have occasion to travel Fair Oaks Blvd., you will realize how nice a job the County did with the road from Landis to Engle; and a shout-out also to Teichert, who did the actual work, great … Continue reading

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Working from Home & Mass Transit Use

The former is increasing while the latter decreases; a sign of the future, that’s what this article from City Journal suggests. An excerpt. Expanding mass-transit systems is a pillar of green and “new urbanist” thinking, but with few exceptions, the … Continue reading

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Why so Few Use Mass Transit

Because of problems like this. Right now, one reason is that it is too darn hot. Fox40 explains: An excerpt. SACRAMENTO — Multiple Sacramento Regional Transit District train operators have complained during the extremely hot days that the temperatures in … Continue reading

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Transit Fantasy

Though I love the idea of bullet trains and other forms of rapid transit, our family will never use them, always preferring to drive our own car, even when having to fight through traffic. It appears others do also, as … Continue reading

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End Transit Subsidies

Long overdue, as this article from New Geography explains. An excerpt. Fifty-three years ago, the transit industry was mostly private and earned a net profit. Today, it’s almost entirely publicly owned, and subsidies have grown out of control. It’s time … Continue reading

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