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Atmospheric River Forecast

From the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes. “CW3E AR Update: 14 September 2020 Outlook “September 14, 2020 “Click here for a pdf of this information. “Update on the Atmospheric River forecast to make landfall over the Pacific Northwest An AR … Continue reading

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Water Strategy

A good article from AgAlert calling for a new and improved water strategy for California. An excerpt. “Recent years have brought a taste of extreme weather and the destructive power in nature that’s always just around the corner here in … Continue reading

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An excellent article about controlling them better (and improving our water quality) than we have been under an environmentalist driven policy, from Western Farmer. An excerpt. “Today’s wildfires are often larger and more catastrophic than in the past. Decades of … Continue reading

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Folsom Lake Marina

The lake is getting too low for boats to remain, have to pull out, as this story from KCRA reports. An excerpt. “The water level at Folsom Lake is dropping by nearly half a foot each day, and soon boaters … Continue reading

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Lithium in Our Water

According to this article from the Sacramento Bee, this is a good thing. An excerpt. “An element commonly found in aircraft and some batteries is said to have an anti-suicidal effect when consumed via public drinking water, new research has … Continue reading

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Water Supply Reliability

A review of this issue from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. “Water supply reliability is a major policy and management goal in California, and in the rest of the world, today and since the beginning of time.  The goals … Continue reading

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Water Hyacinths

This beautiful water plant is also very troublesome, as this article from the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service explains. An excerpt. “Looking at the water hyacinth’s lovely lavender flowers and lush green leaves, it’s easy to see why it was … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers

Some new information about these monster storms, from Weather West. An excerpt. “Atmospheric rivers in a California climate context “Atmospheric rivers (ARs)—long, sinuous corridors of water vapor in motion in the lower half of Earth’s atmosphere—are a key aspect of … Continue reading

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California Has Plenty of Water for the Year

Good news from Maven’s Notebook. An excerpt. “As of June 30, 2020 “The ability of the State to “ride” on its established carryover storage was on vivid display this month. Our north CVP reservoir storage as of today, stands at … Continue reading

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El Dorado Water Improvements

Story from the Mountain Democrat. The story. “It was a big day for the El Dorado Irrigation District as members of the board, staff members and other officials gathered Friday above Folsom Lake to celebrate the kick-off of a major … Continue reading

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