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Can California’s Leaders Wake Up About Water Policy?

An excellent editorial from the San Diego Union. Complete. A defining quality of California’s state government is sluggishness. It’s common for audits of state agencies to note that problems identified in previous audits remain unresolved. Now Californians are witnessing an … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Cloud Seeding Works

That’s what this article from Water Deeply says and that is really great news. An excerpt. Cloud seeding has become big business worldwide as a means to boost water supplies. Utilities and governments spend tens of millions of dollars on … Continue reading

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Water Storage Ideas

Some very good ideas from Water Deeply, though nothing beats a big dam for addressing all three water storage benefits—flood control, storage, hydroelectric power. An excerpt. One of the persistent myths about California water policy is that we haven’t built … Continue reading

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California Dream Becoming Nightmare for Many

Great article from the Hoover Institution, and the final excerpted paragraph on water is excellent. An excerpt. Californians long led an idyllic version of the American Dream: lots of sunshine, jobs, upward mobility, home and automobile ownership, inviting ample space … Continue reading

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Water from the Desert

An innovative plan to get water from the deserts in California is bucking environmentalist’s headwinds, as reported by City Journal. An excerpt. There’s no thirstier state than California. Its history of water wars, droughts—both natural and manmade—and, according to some, … Continue reading

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Water Managers Incompetent?

California Water Alliance makes a good case in this statement that they are, and from my perspective, they are correct in making that case. The statement. This week, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) set an initial water allocation … Continue reading

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Atmospheric River is Back

So says this excellent article from the Mercury News. An excerpt. Last winter, it wasn’t until January that Northern California saw that first ribbon of wetness known as an “atmospheric river” roll in from Hawaii, hitting the region like some … Continue reading

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