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Parkway Funding

As a recent editorial from the Sacramento Bee examines, for several years there have been efforts to ensure a stable source of funding for the Parkway through some form of tax increase, which have all failed and the Parkway continues … Continue reading

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Problems & Solutions

When people present a problem and a solution is offered but the people with the problem says the offered solution is “nuts”, perhaps it’s a clue to what is really going on rather than concern with solving the problem, which … Continue reading

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Water Briefing

An excellent briefing on the water issue in California from The Economist. An excerpt. “IN 2007 Oliver Wanger, a federal judge in California, ordered the huge pumping stations of the Sacramento Delta, the largest estuary on the west coast of … Continue reading

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Dams & Canal Included?

It appears there is still a possibility for new dams in the bill being worked on by state legislators, but we will hold our hurrahs until we see the signed product, given the adamant resistance to dams by the deep … Continue reading

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Water, Water

The special session on water convenes, but with the controlling party still trapped by the narrative forbidding new dams for the needed capture and storage of the abundance of water in Northern California, for flood protection here, and use in … Continue reading

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Rangers Report, September

The monthly Rangers Report of crimes—and other incidents—committed on the Parkway is available on the Sacrament County Parks Department website, Rangers Page. You can also review past reports there. The links are on the bottom of the page.

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Past Homeless Camps Photos

There is an interesting photo gallery of homeless camps along the river—and elsewhere—at the Sacramento Bee.

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Global Warming Oooops!

Validating what many have long suspected, the “science” at the core of the global warming claim continues unraveling, as this article from the Washington Post notes. An excerpt. “The world’s policymakers and scientists have made a critical error in how … Continue reading

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The End is Near!

Global warming is only the latest in an endless series of possible calamities that doomsayers have trotted out to scare humanity into adopting one course or another—often filling the doomsayers own pockets—and yet, what has been found to be most … Continue reading

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Lunch in the Parkway

A story in the Sacramento Bee about folks working close to the Parkway getting over there for lunchtime workouts is something we hope to someday see all along the Parkway. As it now stands in the lower third of the … Continue reading

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