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Book Collecting

As a lifelong book collector, this article from The Guardian is really enjoyable. An excerpt. When I was a young woman, I drew a sort of perverse pride from my willingness to skip a meal or two in order to … Continue reading

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Out of Touch

Further reminding us of how sketchy the liberal perspective is regarding the obvious need for more water storage in Northern California, this latest editorial in the Sacramento Bee, though commending San Diego for creating more storage, focuses completely on conservation, none on capture; … Continue reading

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Water Markets

Allowing water to be traded on the open market is smart—with guarantees for basic life needs to be met by government controlled water sources—and this article from PERC is about that. An excerpt. We like to nod sagely at the … Continue reading

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Flood Risk

The public leadership that has not allowed flood preparation to precede to develop the gold standard of 500 year protection—which would be reality once all the projects mentioned in this Sacramento Bee article, and, Auburn Dam, were completed—is still worrying about … Continue reading

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Walters, State Needs Water Storage

Not only for drought control but for flood control as this graph from the state makes clear Sacramento is far from the 500 year gold standard of flood protection. Dan Walters sure got the storage issue right, as he wrote … Continue reading

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Tent City Idea Over?

One hopes so as it is a terrible idea, but as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, it actually may be dead, at least for now. An excerpt. As the rivers keep rising, more and more homeless men and … Continue reading

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The California Difference

An excellent review of our glorious California home from New Geography. An excerpt. In 1949 the historian Carey McWilliams defined California as the “the Great Exception” — a place so different from the rest of America as to seem almost … Continue reading

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