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Single Family Housing

A very good article about it, with lots of great graphs and statistics, from New Geography. An excerpt. New urbanist utopians love to decry Americans’ love of the single family home, and to extol the virtues of a higher-rising denser … Continue reading

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Another Parkway Fire

Today, right now (5:30 PM, Friday) in the homeless illegal camping area, as reported by Channel 3. This makes 13 fires in the homeless illegal camping area of the Parkway (Discovery Park to Cal Expo) since July 29th. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Hatchery Salmon

This article from Comstock’s Magazine says hatchery salmon are genetically inferior, the argument environmentalists who oppose dams have been using for decades; but the best response I have heard to that came from Congressman Tom McClintock who says that the … Continue reading

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California & Poverty

This article from New Geography about a new study on poverty in California is tragically eye-opening. An excerpt. Across the nation, progressives increasingly look at California as a model state. This tendency has increased as climate change has emerged as … Continue reading

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Homelessness in San Francisco

I don’t know if it is this bad in Sacramento’s downtown (I have not walked around downtown for many years) but I suspect it is. An excerpt from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. How bad is the urine … Continue reading

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Tent City in the Parkway

Our organization agrees with Supervisor Serna, writing in the Sacramento Bee, on the need to revisit the legal settlement that has virtually created a tent city in the Parkway. We have reports of large scale camping that has overwhelmed the … Continue reading

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Legal Homeless Camping

This editorial in the Sacramento News & Review makes a case for it, while forgetting that laws against public camping are not meant to criminalize anyone but to maintain public order. An excerpt. In April, we asked Sacramento’s elected leaders … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping in Parkway is De Facto Safe Ground

What was sadly revealed in the searing August 19, 2015 column in the Sacramento Bee by Marcos Breton is that the North Sacramento area of the Parkway has become, in fact, the homeless community’s long hoped for Safe Ground; which … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Homeless

An very insightful description by a homeless blogger, from the Sacramento Homeless Blog. An excerpt. The Homeless Count that Sacramento Steps Forward conducts is, perhaps, the best it can be. My objection, though – and it’s not a very serious … Continue reading

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Stopping Parkway Fires

An excellent article in today’s Sacramento Bee about the recent Parkway fires and how it is past time to stop them. I was at the meeting he notes and some good strategies were discussed. Let’s hope they get implemented in … Continue reading

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