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Governor’s Mansion Management

Significant historical properties—or open space/recreational properties like the American River Parkway—such as the Governor’s Mansion on H Street will do much better under control of a nonprofit organization than under state government. The state could retain ownership, but management and … Continue reading

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Environmentalists Recanting

Always a healthy sign when reason and common sense prevail within the normally incoherent world-is-going-to-end-tomorrow environmentalist movement, and the latest example is noted in this excellent article from Exurbia Chronicles. An excerpt. “Two propagators of the modernist environmental movement who had … Continue reading

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Privatizing Government

Much of what government has concluded are services it should be responsible for doing are services that would be much better managed by private or nonprofit organizations, and this article from the New York Times about a city, Sandy Springs, … Continue reading

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Suburbs or City

That has always been the major choice for where to live over the past several decades in America and significant majorities choose the suburbs (see our report on this) but that doesn’t stop the true believers in urban living—which is … Continue reading

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Discarded Food to Fuel

This story in the Sacramento Bee reports on a fantastic business that does just that and which Sacramento is very fortunate to have based here. An excerpt. “Crates filled to the brim with watermelon rinds, bushy pineapple tops, lettuce scraps … Continue reading

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Tokyo’s Suburbs

This very interesting article from New Geography examines Tokyo and the substantial growth of its suburbs—now the world’s largest metropolitan suburban population—over the past several decades. An excerpt. “Tokyo is the ultimate in urbanization, being nearly one-half larger than any … Continue reading

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Managing Parks

The model we have always referred to as worth emulating for the American River Parkway is the Central Park Conservancy. It was also the model used for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in Boston—which has been very successful—as reported … Continue reading

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Millennials & the Suburbs

This generation—of which our daughter is a member—want to own their first house there, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “Eighty percent of Americans buy their first house between the ages of 18-34. While the Millennial Generation’s … Continue reading

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All You Need to Know

The last few paragraphs of this story (included in the excerpt below) from the Sacramento Bee about nonprofits running a state park tells you all you need to know about why government struggles managing parks—they can’t use technology wisely and … Continue reading

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Public Pools & the Common Good

As local governments are discovering—after decades of over-generous benefits to staff and social service programs better funded and managed by donor supported nonprofits—the money has finally begun to run out, and the options now are the same that were available then, bid … Continue reading

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