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Illegal Campers Move Near Camp Pollack

Bob Slobe reports on Saturday February 26th that a large (50-60) group of tents has been set up near Camp Pollack, and he saw a large continent of cars pulled into the space underneath the 12th street freeway overpass handing … Continue reading

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Riding on the Parkway

This article from the Sacramento Bee about bike riding on the Parkway trail thankfully notes the danger (final paragraph of post) of riding in the Lower Reach—between Discovery Park and Cal Expo—whole also noting the beauty of the experience when … Continue reading

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Suburbs Still Rule

The latest census is showing that to be the case (which is no surprise as that is where most people prefer to live given the choice) as this article from New Geography notes. An excerpt. “Metropolitan area results are beginning … Continue reading

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Parkway Illegal Campers

An excellent article in the Sacramento Press with a comments section also well worth the read. An excerpt. “Park rangers will be citing campers on the American River Parkway Thursday after a 48-hour notice ordering the homeless population to stop … Continue reading

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Homelessness & the Parkway

This is an excellent, balanced, and appropriate article in the Sacramento Bee today by a member of the County Board of Supervisors, the agency with ultimate responsibility for managing the American River Parkway. It should bring a measure of hope … Continue reading

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California Greening

There is a great article by George Gilder in The American Spectator, about California’s green woes, and a whole lot more. An excerpt. “CALIFORNIA’S TREASURER BILL LOCKYER has a bridge he wants to sell you. No, he is not putting … Continue reading

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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

The issue here, as virtually every paragraph in the Sacramento Bee story today and the associated comments make clear, is illegal camping by the homeless in the American River Parkway, but the Bee insists on entitling it “Breaking Sacramento’s homeless … Continue reading

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The Homeless in the Parkway

Considering that virtually all of the stories about the homeless over the past couple of weeks in the Sacramento Bee concerned the large scale illegal tent city in the American River Parkway, documented by the photos of Bob Slobe, and … Continue reading

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Abiding by Laws

Sacramento is being asked, in this article in the Sacramento Bee—keeping in mind that one of the prerequisites of asking for help from a community is an acceptance to abide by community laws—to create a system of homeless housing on … Continue reading

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Issue is Public Safety, Not Homelessness

What this Sacramento Bee editorial seems to not recognize, is that is doesn’t matter why people are illegally camping in the American River Parkway, or what their state of mind is or isn’t. However, it does need to be taken … Continue reading

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