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Homeless in the Parkway

Another good article from the Sacramento News & Review about the homeless in the Parkway, but closing with the usual lament that it’s all about affordable housing, which it’s not, it’s about individual choice and wanting to make it in … Continue reading

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Arena Plan Jumpstarts Development

Or so it would appear, as nearby sales are perking up, as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, and, as the article notes, it is exciting: An excerpt. Plans for a new Kings arena in Downtown Plaza have helped … Continue reading

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Children in Cities

Nice article from New Geography, on cities attempts to keep families with children within the urban cores; a good follow-up to one we did awhile back about childless cities. An excerpt. Central cities are not likely to regain their former … Continue reading

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Public Transit & Poverty

Public transit has long been touted as the way for the poor to get out of poverty by giving them a cheap way to get to work, but as New Geography points out, that is not the case, and offers … Continue reading

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The Rights of Nature

In the ever evolving environmentalist movements struggles against capitalism and its technological approaches to using natural resources for human beings, the argument being proposed by new voices is another example of the influence of Deep Ecology—as well as continuing the cleverness … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

This is a great project and one that will rejuvenate the valley, as this excellent editorial from the Sacramento Bee correctly predicts. California is a destination for many world travelers and having access to the latest transportation technology, especially given … Continue reading

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Land Planning

A very nice article from the perspective of the folks engaged in this complicated work, from New Geography. An excerpt. In the housing industry, land planners are the first to be dropped during a downturn… and the first needed in … Continue reading

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Good News on Home Sales

Our region is doing very well, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports: An excerpt. As prices continued to soar, more homes were sold across the four-county Sacramento region in July than in any month in the past seven … Continue reading

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Correcting the Narrative

A new line in the anti-suburbanite’s narrative is that more people are now moving to downtown than the suburbs, but when one goes to the only valid source from which to make such an argument, U.S. Census data, the reverse … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping

In this excellent article in the Sacramento Bee  by County Supervisor Phil Serna, the focus is on the results—including more fires—of not having the resources to strongly clamp down on illegal camping. Hopefully, as tax receipts appear to be higher, … Continue reading

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