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Environmentalism’s Misanthropy

It is deeply engrained within the movement, as this article from On the Square notes. The root of it goes way back but lately rests with one of the thought leaders of the movement,  Deep Ecology . An excerpt from … Continue reading

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Homeless Count

Three take-aways from this story in the Sacramento Bee are: one, it is good to see local public leadership helping with the count as it helps them understand the devastation of long-term illegal camping in the Parkway as that is … Continue reading

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Parkway Homeless Feeding Permits

Last year Sacramento County developed an excellent strategy to stop illegal camping in the Parkway and restore public safety for legal Parkway users, which was outlined in a column by Marcos Breton we posted on. We also posted on the … Continue reading

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Honor is Due

Regardless of how we got there, the long criticisms of our state—which we have shared—may now abate somewhat and honor is due to Governor Jerry Brown, who has apparently brought us back to, at least temporarily, fiscal health, as this article … Continue reading

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Green Infrastructure

This article from the UK Guardian has some very good ideas to keep our waterways clean. An excerpt. “In Puget Sound, one of America’s great estuaries, killer whales, seals, and schools of salmon swim not far from more than 3 … Continue reading

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Suburban Negatives, Part II

An agency and newspaper, both with historical bias against suburban development, surprising no one, give more reasons a new suburb can’t be built in Sacramento County. An excerpt. “A proposed 2,700-acre development project on the eastern fringe of Sacramento County does … Continue reading

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Water Market

Getting clean water through market incentives is booming, and smart, as this article from Ecosystem Marketplace reports. An excerpt. “The number of initiatives that protect and restore forests, wetlands, and other water-rich ecosystems has nearly doubled in just four years … Continue reading

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Suburban Negatives

The liberal/environmentalist mindset has been genetically against suburbanism since it became cool to rant against it sometime in the 1960’s, and the various reasons they use to disguise their aversion—and their anti-suburban advocacy—can get a bit contorted, as in this editorial from the … Continue reading

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Ocean Critter in the Parkway

Another wonderful story about our Parkway and the surprises that are often in store for the observant, from the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “Roughly 5 million to 8 million people venture out onto the American River Parkway each year, but … Continue reading

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Branding Rough Neighborhoods

In our newsletter for members just out, it was noted in an essay about Parkway related developments that: “Within the marketing narrative for these developments lies the imperative to embrace reality before the reality engulfs the vision in not trying … Continue reading

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