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Artificial Intelligence Changing Work, Big Time

And this excellent article from City Journal examines how much has already changed and how much will change. An excerpt. Warning: don’t read too much about the future of jobs in an era of Artificial Intelligence if you are—psychologically speaking—in … Continue reading

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Working from Home & Mass Transit Use

The former is increasing while the latter decreases; a sign of the future, that’s what this article from City Journal suggests. An excerpt. Expanding mass-transit systems is a pillar of green and “new urbanist” thinking, but with few exceptions, the … Continue reading

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Tech Centers

Sacramento is one, ranked 27th of 53, as this story in New Geography notes. An excerpt. A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy. By that measure, the Bay Area still stands at … Continue reading

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Excellent Idea for Parkway

Tracking visitors behavior, as reported by Engadget. An excerpt. Like any other potential advertising space, New York City’s Bryant Park needs information about its visitors in order to attract potential sponsors. To gather that information, the private Bryant Park Corporation, … Continue reading

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California Wind Farm

Proposed for off the coast, this appears to be a very cool project that could power 200,000 homes, reported by The Guardian. An excerpt. The deep waters off the coast of California could become home to the country’s largest offshore … Continue reading

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Uber & Lyft Changing Travel

Especially when carpooling is added to their service, as this article from New Geography points out. An excerpt. How will new carpool options like LyftLine and UberPool affect the marketplace of transit services? When mobility conversations turn to Lyft, Uber … Continue reading

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Southern California

We tend to forget how really creative an area it is when San Francisco is right next door, but this article from The Orange County Register reminds us. An excerpt. Over the past decade, Southern California has lagged well behind … Continue reading

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