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Suburbs are the Heart of America

They have been for a very long time, and the heart is getting bigger, as this story from New Geography reports. An excerpt. Suburbs have largely been dismissed by environmentalists and urban planners as bad for the planet, a form … Continue reading

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Struggling with Illegal Camping, Part Two

After one day, the emerging results from Orange County’s struggles with illegal camping (so much like Sacramento) are noted in this follow-up story from Voice of OC. An excerpt. More than 100 homeless people were moved from the northeast section … Continue reading

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Struggling with Illegal Camping, Part One

This article from Voice of OC shows how difficult it is. An excerpt. U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter Tuesday lifted a temporary restraining order against the County of Orange, allowing it to begin evicting as many as 400 … Continue reading

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Can California’s Leaders Wake Up About Water Policy?

An excellent editorial from the San Diego Union. Complete. A defining quality of California’s state government is sluggishness. It’s common for audits of state agencies to note that problems identified in previous audits remain unresolved. Now Californians are witnessing an … Continue reading

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Homeless Tough Love

That it is needed is the conclusion of this CNN writer in the OC Register; a conclusion I agree with. An excerpt. For years California voters have been nothing but compassionate towards the state’s homeless population, repeatedly voting to tax … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Cloud Seeding Works

That’s what this article from Water Deeply says and that is really great news. An excerpt. Cloud seeding has become big business worldwide as a means to boost water supplies. Utilities and governments spend tens of millions of dollars on … Continue reading

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Getting Bureaucrats Closer to the Action

As the stated intent of this new reorganization of the Department of Interior, as reported by Capital Press, it sounds worthwhile and long overdue. An excerpt. DENVER (AP) — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is pressing ahead with a massive overhaul … Continue reading

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Homeless Housing

Part of the strategy of housing the homeless (or in Sacramento, getting them off the Parkway)  is increasing the development of below market housing and this article from New Geography notes the problems Portland faces in that regard. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy, the Homeless & North Sacramento

This Sacramento Bee article reminds us of why bureaucracy is so often despised, but, as James Q. Wilson notes about the constraints of bureaucracy: “The key constraints are three in number. To a much greater extent than is true of … Continue reading

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Homeless Cleaning up

This program noted by Sacramento CBS is a good one. We suggested it 13 years ago, glad to see its finally being done, see our report at (pp. 34-36) An excerpt from the Sacramento CBS article. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — … Continue reading

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