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Arena Art

The story just keeps getting better as this wonderful art work appears to be headed our way, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. The city of Sacramento and the Kings have agreed to commission world-renowned artist Jeff Koons … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping Growing in Parkway

That is the conclusion drawn from the latest series of Parkway Ranger Reports which is finding illegal camps virtually all along the Parkway, on both sides of the River, all the way up to Sunrise. Examining all of the Parkway … Continue reading

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Tent Cities

An article from Governing Magazine which is a summary of tent cities that have become somewhat permanent. An excerpt. Like many other metro areas in the mid-2000s, Seattle’s King County set out to end homelessness within 10 years. Far less … Continue reading

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Fixing the Delta & Environmentalism

This article from the California Water Blog is a good attempt to deal with what could be and what is, in terms of environmental restoration, with the Delta as the subject. An excerpt. Estuaries are hard places to understand and … Continue reading

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Sad Story from Carmichael Park

One of our regions great neighborhood parks is being overrun by the homeless and it is a really sad story knowing how much the community of Carmichael cares about the park but can’t do much about the current problem except … Continue reading

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Homeless Housing

Providing housing to the homeless with no services attached to it is a recipe for disaster, as this article from the New York Times notes; but following the Pathway to Housing approach, is not. An excerpt from the Times … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Environmentalism

A new book on the subject has just been published by PERC, noted on their website. An excerpt. Packed with examples, rather than theory, Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation offers new chapters, new authors, and compelling new stories … Continue reading

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Sacramento on Healthiest List

Very cool news, as reported by Sacramento County News. An excerpt. According to a new survey, Sacramento is one of the top 50 healthiest areas in the nation. Nerdwallet, a data-analysis company, conducted its annual study of health in metropolitan … Continue reading

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Environmentalists & California Water

This is an excellent snapshot of the history of water storage and its use, and how the environmentalism movement is slowly destroying the agricultural wonder that has fed the world from the Great Valley of California, by Victor Davis Hanson … Continue reading

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Homeless Man & Woman Find Each Other

And make a very nice Valentine’s Day’s story, as reported by CBS 13 News. An excerpt. DIAMOND SPRINGS (CBS13) – It’s their first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple, but their journeys to this moment weren’t easy. It took … Continue reading

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