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Hydropower Shrinking

An obvious result of the drought as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, and a FYI, in today’s issue of the Bee there is a wonderful fold out of the Parkway in a magazine section on outdoor excercising in … Continue reading

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Americans Love Sunny Suburbs

In restating common knowledge, this article from the Atlantic Magazine notes the endless love affair we have with the suburban lifestyle, especially in sunny and warm places. An excerpt. The neighborhoods outside of sunny metro areas are gobbling up the … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Homeless

It is always a struggle for the police, who are on the front lines here, to protect and respond to business and residents when property or people are, or feel they are, threatened by the actions of the homeless; an … Continue reading

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New York to London by Car?

Yes, if this magnificent plan becomes a reality, as reported by Fox News. An excerpt. Road trip! One of Russia’s most powerful tycoons and a close pal of President Vladimir Putin has proposed a long and winding road that theoretically … Continue reading

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California Housing

A good article from New Geography about the expense of buying a home in California. An excerpt. Important attention has been drawn to the shameful condition of middle income housing affordability in California. The state that had earlier earned its … Continue reading

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Is Climate Change Good?

An provocative question to which a positive answer could surely change the whole debate. This article from Smithsonian Magazine examines it. An excerpt. Earth’s climate has always been in a state of flux. Ever since our ancestors branched off the … Continue reading

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Nonprofit Management of Parks

In this article from the Sacramento Bee, the advantage of having a nonprofit manage a publicly owned park is highlighted; a strategy we suggest for the Parkway. An excerpt from the Bee article. The California Department of Parks and Recreation … Continue reading

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Housing First in West Sacramento

The housing first approach—which our organization supports, see our report at (pages 30-34)—described in an earlier Sacramento News & Review article: “It was all part of the Bridge to Housing pilot project, a “housing first” solution to homelessness that … Continue reading

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Oil & Gas, Saving the World

Well, yes, the environmentalists say otherwise, but as we all know, they are so often wrong—though we cannot forget to thank them for the clean air and clean water we enjoy—as this article from the Wall Street Journal reports; and … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists: Drought is or is not result of Global Warming

The story at USA Today says both, so who do you trust, Stanford University or NOAA. An excerpt. Human-caused climate change helped fuel the current California drought, says a Stanford University study released Monday. Climate change has increased the chance … Continue reading

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