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Thanksgiving Break

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week! We’ll start blogging again on Monday December 2nd Take care.

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Farm to Fork

Good article from New Geography about how one Florida community is doing it, and one of the best local examples is Soil Born Farms in the Parkway. An excerpt: Getting meat and potatoes from the farm to the table depends … Continue reading

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Kotkin & Suburbs a Sellout!

Given that the Sacramento region consists largely of a variety of suburban communities, the decision by the Metro Chamber and Sacramento County to focus on the suburban—as everyone else focuses on the urban—communities of Sacramento, was a wise and inspirational strategy. To … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers (ARkStorm)

We reported on this in our 2011 special report for ARPPS members ARPPS Planning Position Paper # 4: California Dams & Auburn Dam: Policy Environment and the U.S. Geological Survey Report we quote notes: “This document summarizes the next major public project … Continue reading

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Tahoe to Pyramid Bike Trail

This work which we profiled in our 2007 research report (p. 27) as part of a vision allowing biking from Sacramento over the Sierras to Tahoe (the Folsom Lake to Tahoe segment is being worked on by the American River … Continue reading

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Cities, Walk-able, Ride-able, Sit-able?

I like this idea, from Sourceable. An excerpt. Urban planners and landscape architects have recently been consumed by the idea of making cities more active and walkable to promote healthy lifestyles and outdoor activity. Though they remain integral focuses of … Continue reading

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Suburbs in China

As part of building the Chinese Dream, vast blocks of towers are being erected as the Chinese method of building suburbs, as reported by Bloomberg; and the difference between housing planning driven by Communism, as that driven by Capitalism could … Continue reading

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Making Rain

Cloud seeding can be very productive as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports, and as the technology improves the resulting rainfall might be greatly increased, which, again, leads to the obvious conclusion, where can we store more water if … Continue reading

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War on Suburbs a Straw Man?

Well, that’s what the Sacramento Bee says the organizers of Friday’s event—where noted suburban defender Joel Kotkin spoke—were doing, creating a straw man; then in a strange lack of awareness, the two articles in the Bee, one an editorial, one … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Capitalism, & Governance

There has been some discussion recently—such as this editorial in the Sacramento Bee—around decisions by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approving suburban developments, mentioning specifically the Cordova Hills project. In our opinion, the Supervisors have acted responsibly approving well-planned … Continue reading

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