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Complete Streets

It’s been a long time since I was single, lived downtown and my only transportation was a bicycle—those were pretty good days—but I still remember the difficulty getting around, so the idea of “complete streets” as exemplified in this article … Continue reading

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L.A. River’s Linear Central Park

It is in the plans, as this story from the Los Angeles Times reports and reminds us that is exactly what the American River Parkway is and why we use the Central Park Conservancy as our model of how the … Continue reading

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Suburban Homes Still the Choice

And appropriately so—suburbs are the best way to live for families—according to this article in New Geography. An excerpt. The US preference for detached housing remains strong, according to the newest data just released in the 2014 American Community Survey, … Continue reading

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Public Transportation

The ability to control the internal environment—whether odor, behavior or public safety— on public transportation, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is, in large part, what will determine the success or failure of public transportation. An excerpt. The Sacramento Regional … Continue reading

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Employing the Homeless

An excellent program idea from Governing Magazine. An excerpt. Twice a week, a city van rolls through downtown Albuquerque, N.M., stopping at popular panhandling locations. The driver, Will Cole, asks panhandlers if they want a day job. Work pays $9 … Continue reading

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Environmentalist’s End Game

It’s always been out there for anyone to see; just not seen enough, but this column by Joel Kotkin takes a good look. An excerpt. What is the endgame of the contemporary green movement? It’s a critical question since environmentalism … Continue reading

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State Nonprofit Conservancy or Independent Nonprofit Conservancy

The idea reported in this article from the Sacramento Bee came during our organization presenting to the County Board of Supervisors October 6, 2015, the concept we have been discussing for years, management of the Parkway by an independent … Continue reading

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Replenishing the Groundwater

A batch of good ideas in this blog post from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. A strong El Niño nonetheless presents a precious opportunity to replenish some of these vital underground reserves faster than would otherwise occur. California’s vast … Continue reading

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Conversation: Homeless in Parkway

An excellent series of responses to the great article about the Parkway by Erika D. Smith in the Sacramento Bee, see at and our letter is one of them. Our Letter: It’s a tragedy for the parkway This column … Continue reading

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Arrest in Parkway Fires

As reported by Channel 3. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Sacramento police and county park rangers made an arrest Friday in connection with an arson along the American River Parkway. Brian Larue, 31, is accused of starting a series of grass fires … Continue reading

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