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Helping the Homeless

The Catholic Worker model of helping the homeless is not one I agree with as it tends to support the homeless lifestyle rather than working towards a path out of homelessness; but the story of the founders of Sacramento’s largest homeless … Continue reading

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Uber & Lyft Changing Travel

Especially when carpooling is added to their service, as this article from New Geography points out. An excerpt. How will new carpool options like LyftLine and UberPool affect the marketplace of transit services? When mobility conversations turn to Lyft, Uber … Continue reading

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Veterinarian Service for Homeless

While everyone would agree this is a good service for those in need, as reported by Comstock’s Magazine, it also furthers the ability of homeless to remain homeless and the array of services offered at the major local homeless service provider … Continue reading

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Urban Forms in China

A very interesting article examining such from New Geography. An excerpt. Ordos, in China’s Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia (equivalent to a province) has received international notoriety as a “ghost city.” I had already visited one other ghost city and … Continue reading

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Wasps, the Good Guys

We forget, or never knew, what good guys wasps are, but this superb article from the Spectator reminds us. An excerpt. Dom Perignon, Pimms, Carling Black Label, Coca-Cola — one’s as good as the other, so far as they’re concerned. … Continue reading

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Cities Creating Most White Collar Jobs

An excellent article about that from New Geography and Sacramento ranks 46 in the large cities category. An excerpt. The information sector may have glamour and manufacturing, nostalgia appeal, but the real action in high-wage job growth in the United … Continue reading

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National Heritage Area Report

We advocate the creation of the American River Watershed as the Rivers of Gold National Heritage Area, which we wrote about in our 2007 research report: The American River Parkway: Governance, Ecoregionalism, and Heritage, A Vision & Policy Primer: Nonprofit … Continue reading

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McClintock, Auburn Dam Still Needed

A case made by Congressman Tom McClintock in this story from Village Life, discussing Folsom Lake drawdowns. An excerpt. Until the drought began five years ago, Folsom Lake Marina operator at Brown’s Ravine Ken Christensen said it was typical for … Continue reading

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Making Suburban Lots Bigger

Great article from New Geography examining how people feel about the space they have in the suburbs. An excerpt. Space has value. Even the mere perception of space has value. As land becomes more scarce, space becomes more valuable, and … Continue reading

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Reservoirs for Water Storage

A novel idea I know; though in reality, pretty much a non-brainer, though for years it has been undercut by environmentalists doom and gloom, but this article in the Modesto Bee makes the case. An excerpt. These past few years have … Continue reading

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