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Urban & Suburban

The current mortgage meltdown has more of an immediate impact, it appears, in the large urban centers that had been seeing strong traction for the urbanist dream as gas prices soared—now dropping—and the long-dreamed-for migration to the urban cores appeared … Continue reading

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Climate Control Strategy

In any formulated strategy, the outlier is always China, which has shown little indication that it will slow any of its economic expansion—and the resulting massive levels of pollution being created—to satisfy a Western request to control future climate conditions; … Continue reading

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Saving Habitat Entrepreneurism

The creativity of environmental entrepreneurs—those using entrepreneurial techniques to support of a mission for the public good—is alive and well in south Texas, and it is exactly the type of activity desperately needed as part of a new approach to … Continue reading

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Water Quality & Markets

Though the events of the past few weeks can shake the long-held assumption that the markets work well, this current uncertainty will pass and the assumption will hold. This article from the Property and Environmental Research Center explores the way … Continue reading

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Housing First

This concept is terrific but, at first glance, counter-intuitive. When I first heard about it I thought, “What a dumb idea!”, but once I read more about it and thought about it in terms of the simple psychological equation of … Continue reading

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Park Rangers in Seattle

Beefing up the public safety in the parks in Seattle appears to be having the desired impact—though one would hope they will someday attain peace office status with the ability to carry guns—and it is a strategy desperately needed here, … Continue reading

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California Climate Control

A plan by California to address climate control has problems, particularly for business, and this article from the California Chamber notes those. An excerpt. “October 22, 2008) Declaring that there are better, less costly ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions … Continue reading

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Crime in Parks

The remoteness of the national parks is very tempting to the large-scale marijuana growing enterprises by drug dealers and it is having a drastic—and bad—impact on the health of those parks, as this article reports. An excerpt. “PORTERVILLE, Calif. — … Continue reading

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Birth of the Burbs

The early suburbs in America were largely built for the returning GI’s of the Second World War, and during their time were wonders of efficient construction, luxurious living, and affordability, and even today one can be amazed at their technology, … Continue reading

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Delta Vision

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, a former Sacramento mayor chaired this group and its conclusions are pretty good, but as always, the devil is in the details and those have yet to be worked out. A excerpt. “Independently, neither … Continue reading

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