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State Parkway Conservancy

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, legislation is being introduced that would create a state conservancy for the Parkway. While the elements of more money and more representative leadership on the board are good, the aspect that essentially gives the … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping in Parkway is De Facto Safe Ground

What was sadly revealed in the searing August 19, 2015 column in the Sacramento Bee by Marcos Breton is that the North Sacramento area of the Parkway has become, in fact, the homeless community’s long hoped for Safe Ground; which … Continue reading

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Hard to Believe, but…

This note in the newest issue of Philanthropy Roundtable Magazine is something that, if actually done—undoing the Central Parks Conservancy—would be an incredible act of bad governance. The note: An ugly parks plan If New York’s new mayor, Bill de … Continue reading

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Open Letter to County Board of Supervisors

Dear Supervisors: Our organization does not support the ban on alcohol in the American River Parkway as it unfairly penalizes the majority of Parkway visitors, who use alcohol responsibly, in order to sanction the minority who do not. We would … Continue reading

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Think Local Management

The argument for local management of local parks—such as the Joint Powers Authority & nonprofit management we advocate for the Parkway—is examined in this article from the Property & Environment Research Center. An excerpt. “Proponents of free market environmentalism do … Continue reading

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ARPPS Letter Published in Bee Today

Donors can rescue parks Re “Private donors’ role in parks rises” (Capitol & California, Sept. 27): The nationwide trend of nonprofits helping parks is one that needs application in Sacramento, especially with our signature park, the American River Parkway. We … Continue reading

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Sacramento Zoo

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, it is one public facility that is enhancing its efforts rather than cutting back, and that is because it is managed by a nonprofit corporation under contract to the city, the arrangement similar to … Continue reading

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Saving Our Parks

As we struggle to save our parks from the ruin caused by a lack of effective management and limited public funding, the examples of other cities that have taken a new tact might be of some help, as reported by … Continue reading

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Studying Tax Increase for Parks

The direction the County Supervisors took, to further study the issue of how to take care of our parks rather than immediately sign on to the tax increase strategy offered by the Grassroots Working Group—which our organization opposes—is appropriate. The … Continue reading

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Tax Increase for Parks is a Bad Idea

The Sacramento Bee continues to tout this as the solution to County Park’s problems, in the Sunday editorial and an article from Saturday. Fortunately, the County Board of Supervisors has turned one park over to a forprofit—Gibson Ranch—and another facility … Continue reading

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