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Homeless Crisis Is Destroying ‘Jewel Of Sacramento’

A story thus entitled contains an absolute much watch video of a 4 minute bike ride by Marcus Breton of the Sacramento Bee and George Warren of Channel 13, along the Parkway trail showing the countless tents, once again documenting … Continue reading

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Homeless Crime

The reason we focus so much on homelessness is because homelessness and the related illegal camping on the Parkway, is the greatest problem right now, that the Parkway and adjacent neighborhoods are suffering from, resulting in fires, pollution, crime, and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Break

I’ll be taking off from blogging for Thanksgiving, back December 3rd .. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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Older is Often Happier

Though off topic, this is nice to know, as this article from City Journal explains. An excerpt. The mid-life crisis is a cliché: balding, paunchy man in red sports car, frantically trying to convince himself that women still find him … Continue reading

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Sacramento, Travel Destination

The New York Times does it’s 36 Hours feature on Sacramento, great news. An excerpt. As a travel destination, California’s capital gets no respect. Despite sitting at the confluence of two impressive rivers, with sprawling shade trees that make much … Continue reading

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Two Rivers Trail Meeting

An excellent summation of the River Park Neighborhood Association meeting last month from the May issue of Inside Arden, (pp. 60-62) at

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Letter Published

Published in the Sacramento Bee, October 6, 2017 Haven for Hope The large homeless transformation campus in San Antonio, Texas, should be a model for Sacramento. It would have a large capacity and provide resources. It would work best if … Continue reading

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