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Suburbs Rule, Still

As this article in New Geography reports. An excerpt. Data released by the federal government last week provided additional evidence that the suburbs continue to dominate metropolitan area population growth and that the biggest cities are capturing less of the growth than they … Continue reading

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Midtown Development is Good

And what it is really good for is increasing the Downtown/Midtown synergy and economy by increasing the number of people who will live, work and shop there—and because of the existing lot layout, sometimes building up is the only real … Continue reading

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Eagles in the Parkway

In what is surely stunning news, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, there are now eagles in the Parkway. An excerpt. Two bald eagles are wowing bird enthusiasts at Lake Natoma, including one nature-loving photographer from Carmichael who has captured … Continue reading

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Denver’s Mass Transit & Booming Areas

A very nice article about a successful mass transit system and the good results it helped bring to Denver, from Politico Magazine. Though not being a fan of mass transit in an American economy where the majority prefer their cars, … Continue reading

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The stories about it seem unreal—a train going 700 miles an hour—but this story from the New York Times takes a look at it. An excerpt. Last month, at an M.I.T. conference on the future of suburbia, I met a senior-level executive … Continue reading

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Concerts in the Parkway

A tragic event happened at a Parkway concert, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, but that should not deter the county from continuing to have concerts in the Parkway, as the Parkway always benefits from legitimate use. We agree completely … Continue reading

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High-rise in Midtown

It has been approved, as reported by KCRA News, 17 stories at 25th & J; and it is a great trend to continue developing more high-rise housing in the downtown/midtown grid (DMG). If done right, and public leadership seems to … Continue reading

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Interesting Riverside Project

From Comstock’s Magazine. An excerpt. Once upon a time, Sacramento lived and died by its rivers. As the last outpost of good society on the way to the Gold Rush foothills, Sacramento was nestled conveniently at the confluence of both … Continue reading

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Livable Cities

Our favorite urbanist has a new book (I’ve ordered it already) and in this article from New Geography, he writes about it. It’s all about everyday life, and I am also a fan of Braudel, whose books are amazing, a completely new … Continue reading

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Build Dams

An excellent article in the Modesto Bee about the need for dams and the deception of the environmental movement in opposing them. An excerpt. As described in The Bee’s April 25 story “Lawsuit claims Delta fish harmed by relaxed water … Continue reading

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