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E Coli in American River

An ongoing problem, as reported by KCRA Channel 3. Article claims no one knows where the e coli comes from but most folks who have kept track of news from the area in mention, surely understand it is probably connected … Continue reading

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Clearing Hundreds of Parkway Homeless Camps

The inability to do so causes another problem, a very serious one, as this story from Channel 13 reports. An excerpt. “SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Law enforcement said the homeless camps along the river made thermal imaging difficult to use while … Continue reading

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Urban/Suburban Planning

It is going though a big change due to the Virus—with even more folks turning to the suburbs and transport by cars—as explained in this article from American Mind. An excerpt. “We can be far more efficient in our fight … Continue reading

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Local Traffic & the Virus

Quite a change, as reported by Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. “Because no one crashed or died, the California Highway Patrol was able to throw some shade on social media at the motorcyclist who didn’t care about other people. “On … Continue reading

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Oil & the Virus

Things could change, but not necessarily as expected, according to this article from City Journal. An excerpt. “China is about one month ahead of the United States in exiting the Covid-19 shutdown. That country’s rush-hour traffic jams now equal or exceeded pre-lockdown … Continue reading

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Trusting the Virus Models

A devastating article from City Journal about how wrong that can go without verification. An excerpt. “In early March, British leaders planned to take a laissez-faire approach to the spread of the coronavirus. Officials would pursue “herd immunity,” allowing as … Continue reading

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Weather Forecasting

Still an inexact science—especially vital in terms of water—but this article from Comstock’s Magazine reports on potential improvements. An excerpt. “One rainy morning last December, John James stood outside holding a big white balloon, which looked like a perfect target … Continue reading

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Water Storage Mistakes

Had the original plans for Shasta Dam—200 feet higher, triple the storage—and Auburn Dam been completed, we would have plenty of water, rather than the situation reported by UC Merced News. It is not too late for common sense policies … Continue reading

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Treating the Homeless

Only in San Francisco, as reported by City Journal. An excerpt. “San Francisco officials deny direct involvement in a controversial program, funded by private sources, that provides free alcohol, cannabis, and cigarettes to homeless people living in the city’s hotels … Continue reading

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Suburbs Still Growing

In today’s pandemic climate, we will probably see even more suburban growth (social distancing) than reported in this article from New Geography. An excerpt. “The latest US Census Bureau metropolitan area population estimates (for 2019) were largely lost in the … Continue reading

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