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Congressman McClintock & the Abundance of Water

If the Sacramento Bee editorial writers (before they wrote this editorial) would do some research on the Congressman’s perspective on water issues—so welcomed by our organization—outlined in his opening remarks on March 2, 2011 as he assumed the chair of … Continue reading

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Sacramento Explores More Contracting

As well it should, and the benefits are obvious, as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports. A related article from Governing Magazine looks at the issues involved in ensuring diversity in contracting out. An excerpt from the Bee article. … Continue reading

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Climate Warming & Economic Battles

One battle appears to be shaping up as the Arctic warms, reported by Fast Company. An excerpt. “In this installment of the Butterfly Effect, climate change is creating incredible economic opportunity in the Arctic, leading to saber rattling from Canada … Continue reading

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Paths Across the Sea

Science often does really wonderful things, discovering exquisite facts, as this story from the San Francisco Chronicle reports. An excerpt. “SAN FRANCISCO — Two broad ocean highways where countless sea creatures migrate, feed, mate and reproduce have been discovered running … Continue reading

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K Street Drama, Act 1345

The plans continue, and though these look very promising, we have been here before; but still, hope does spring eternal. This article from the Sacramento Bee reports on the latest efforts. An excerpt. “Sacramento took a big step Tuesday toward … Continue reading

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Nature & Capitalism

The wooden stake that has always been lodged in the heart of the environmentalist movement is the creativity of capitalism, which, along with the social entrepreneurism of the nonprofit (and even sometimes the government) sector, to address stewardship problems arising … Continue reading

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Parkway Trees & the Levees

Though the new policy from the Army Corps of Engineers about allowing no trees on levees, will, once implemented, harm the familiar aesthetics of the Parkway experience—until the eye adjusts to the grassy levees and the expanded view shed—the reasoning … Continue reading

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Parks Funding

It is, in the larger world, at the lower end of funding priorities, but the inability of the higher level leadership to get its act together, will ultimately impact it even more corrosively than normal, even during tough times. This … Continue reading

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Nonprofit Management of Parkway

The model used by us and many others (San Francisco & Pittsburgh for instance) in their strategic planning discussions and implementations, for having a nonprofit manage their signature parks, is the Central Park Conservancy, which has been managing Central Park … Continue reading

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Park Bridging

Anytime you can connect parks with walkways/bikeways that avoid the danger of being on fast traffic streets, it is very good public policy—something we wrote about, on a much larger scale (connecting Coloma to Sacramento by bike/pedestrian/horse trails) in our … Continue reading

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