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It’s About Water Storage

Congressman Tom McClintock addressed the House yesterday, and his talk, from the Sierra Sun Times story, is posted below, and the link at the end also includes a video. He is a wonderful advocate for common sense water policy and … Continue reading

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Downtown Development

Redeveloping the Marshall Hotel into a boutique hotel, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, is a great idea and very good news for downtown development resulting from the Kings Arena plans. An excerpt. On the same day a campaign to … Continue reading

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California Aqueduct

Well, we have precious little to move right now, but normally—especially if we can find our way clear to more storage—we will have a lot to move. Moving water north to south via the proposed Delta Tunnels is the essence … Continue reading

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California Water Policy

This article from the Sacramento Bee makes a good case for changing the current policies that do not work very well in dry years, while also noting the obvious need for more water storage. An excerpt. Recent images of Folsom … Continue reading

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Sacramento River Parkway

As this editorial from the Sacramento Bee says, finishing it will be wonderful and help bring the Sacramento River into better recreational access, but only when the current private property owners are willing to sell at market rates. Using eminent … Continue reading

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Water & Public Leadership

Dan Walters gets it right, big time. An excerpt. It’s not that California politicians haven’t talked about the state’s uncertain water supply. They have – constantly, for decades. It’s that they haven’t done much but talk. California is beset by … Continue reading

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Public Leadership Fails on Water

While the immediate actions they are taking are good, as reported in this article from the Sacramento Bee, the long range ideas they are floating continues a long-term failure to respond to the obvious need for more dams to store … Continue reading

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Moving to the Suburbs

Yes, most folks are still doing this, despite the attempt by environmentalists and urbanists to indicate otherwise, as this story from New Geography reports. An excerpt. Andy Kiersz’s article in the Business Insider (see Americans are Still Moving to the … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Politics

The subject of this great article from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. The weirdest thing about John Kerry’s weekend speech on climate-change—other than the fact that this is the same guy who in 1997 voted to forbid the U.S. … Continue reading

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Suburban Living Growing in Mexico

Not the place one thinks of when thinking of suburbs, but as suburban demographic expert Wendell Cox reports, the connection is real. An excerpt. There is an increasing recognition – at least outside the academy, planning organization and urban core … Continue reading

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