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Millennials in Suburbia

Yep, and they prefer it, as this article from New Geography notes. An excerpt. The latest survey data on the living preferences of the Millennial generation (born 1982-2003) once again validates the picture of a cohort that, contrary to urban … Continue reading

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Concert at Discovery Park

ARPPS has always supported events being planned for the Parkway which fit within the Parkway Plan, and the recent music concert, Aftershock, held at Discovery Park, appears to be an event congruent with the Plan, appreciated by concert goers; and … Continue reading

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California Dams

An excellent overview article about California dams, from the San Jose Mercury News. An excerpt. How much money drought-stricken California should spend to build new dams was a big part of the debate over the bill that Gov. Jerry Brown … Continue reading

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Climate Change Consensus Failing

And it is apparent from the frantic nature of recent events, as noted by John Fund in the National Review. An excerpt. The United Nations Climate Summit will begin in New York this Tuesday, but environmental activists didn’t wait. All … Continue reading

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Suburbia & Conservatives

Joel Kotkin—our favorite writer on all things urban/suburban—reflects on the tendency of some conservatives to vilify the suburbs. An excerpt. For generations, politicians of both parties – dating back at least to Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Franklin Roosevelt – … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping is Okay is the Media Norm

In a narrative surprising no one working to protect the Parkway, the Sacramento Bee again reveals the normative nature of the illegal camping by the homeless in the American River Parkway with nary a word that, yes, it’s illegal and … Continue reading

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Parkway Fires

As this editorial from the Sacramento Bee notes, there are a lot of them this year; and virtually all of them in the North Sacramento/Cal Expo area of the Parkway where most of the illegal camping by the homeless occurs. … Continue reading

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Links Golf—Could be on the Parkway

This article from the Sacramento Bee explores the wonder of playing links golf in its homeland but also reminds us of what a wonder it would be to have a links golf course along the Parkway—see our press release at … Continue reading

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Housing First for Homeless

This is a concept we have always supported for the chronic homeless, developed by Pathways to Housing, , and this article from the New Yorker looks at how it has worked in Utah. An excerpt. In 2005, Utah set … Continue reading

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Urban Riverfronts

This article from New Geography explores the value of urban riverfronts through a focus on some cities back east; but good information for Sacramento. An excerpt. I recently moved from Cincinnati to Providence, Rhode Island, though I still think of … Continue reading

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