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Congressman McClintock on Forest Management

Our favorite congressman gave a talk at Lake Tahoe the other day on forest management, (posted to his blog) which was excellent. An excerpt. “Look around at the beauty that surrounds us. By this time tomorrow, the scene could be … Continue reading

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Public Transportation in L.A.

Its leadership—strategy ideas emboldened in excerpt— feels that it’s good for you so you better get behind it (and I would, sadly, suspect this is a common feeling among public transit leadership) as noted in this article from the Wall … Continue reading

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Public Transit Use Drops Again

Not surprising considering all of the elements making it dangerous and unreliable. Story from New Geography, with a mention of Sacramento in the last paragraph of the post. An excerpt. “June 2019 transit ridership was 2.9 percent lower than in … Continue reading

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Homeless Camping Near Homes

The public safety issue is obvious, the story is from a report by CBS 13 Sacramento An excerpt. “SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Homeless camps are set up feet from people’s homes. They are on sidewalks, near lawns, and residents say they … Continue reading

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The New Urbanists

They aren’t really that new, having been with us now for decades, but their work is attempting to ruin a way of life (suburbs, cars, freeways, etc.) loved by the majority of Americans, as this article from the Wall Street … Continue reading

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Suburban Ranch Style is Much Loved

It is the most popular, as most of us who happily live in one already know, and this article from MSN News validates that. An excerpt. “Smaller houses are trending, and the search engine site recently revealed that home buyers … Continue reading

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Environmentalism’s Dark Side

Revealing article from New Geography. An excerpt. “The hype these days is to stop using those dirty fossil fuel driven cars and trucks and convert everyone to those clean electric vehicles. But wait! “Before you jump onto the EV train, … Continue reading

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Homelessness in San Francisco

Continually a problem these last several years—as well as in Sacramento (note this story, and especially along the Parkway—so this article from Fox News, might shed some light and check out the strange definitions of homelessness I’ve emboldened in … Continue reading

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Dams Grow Food

That is the message being put out effectively, as this dispatch from California Ag Today reports. The Dispatch. “GAR  Tootelian and Families Protecting the Valley, are rolling up their sleeves to put up several hundred road signs calling for action … Continue reading

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Defecation Crisis

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, California is apparently in crisis mode on this issue. An excerpt. “The website dubs San Francisco “the doo-doo capital of the U.S.” They noted that the city’s poop reports almost tripled between … Continue reading

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