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One More Reason to Live in the Suburbs

We aren’t bothered by the phenomena of satellite dish arrays, as are city people, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Suburban areas—having more roof space and space between homes—have more options in shielding unsightliness and in maintaining the sense … Continue reading

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Sacramento Seersucker Ride

This unique bicycling event—poster here—scheduled for May 6, 2012, is part of the international Jane Jacobs Walk and it looks to be a good one, while embracing Sacramento’s wonderful history, as reported by Sacramento Tweed. An excerpt. “So, without any … Continue reading

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Environmentalism’s Dark Side

Earth Day reminds us–as well as the successes–some of the horrors that have resulted from the movement it celebrates, as reported by the Washington Times. An excerpt. “Sunday was Earth Day, the annual jamboree of the green movement held worldwide since … Continue reading

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Downtowns to Gain Residents in Future?

Another book-oblivious to the facts—tries to make the case that there is a future exodus from the suburbs back to the cities, a thesis New Geography disputes, with facts. An excerpt. “Is gentrification the “fifth great migration,” that will fill … Continue reading

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Expanding Sacramento’s Suburban Communities II

Sacramento News & Review reports the very good news of the continued growth of suburban communities that the overwhelming majority of Americans prefer to live in, as noted in our recent research report about Sacramento Suburban Communities, quoting Joel Kotkin, writing … Continue reading

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Silent Spring’s 50 Year Anniversary

An article about the seminal environmentalist book from the Property & Environment Research Center (PERC). An excerpt. “By dramatically revealing the potential dangers synthetic chemicals posed to the environment and human health‚ Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962a) served as a … Continue reading

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Buses, Bicycles, Trains, Walking, & Cars

By now, most people who pay attention to transportation policy realize that regardless of the policy infrastructure changes undertaken to restrict the use of cars and encourage the use of walking, bicycling, busing, and light rail riding, people still prefer … Continue reading

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Expanding Sacramento’s Suburban Communities

As reported in our recent research report, The American River Parkway’s Suburban Setting, The Sacramento Dream, suburban living is at the very epicenter of the American Dream: “As most environmentalists and urban planners keep trying to sell the case that … Continue reading

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High Speed Trains & Self Driving Cars

After reading this article in the Sacramento Bee comparing the two as competing transportation strategies, I’m inclined to agree that the car might win, again; because private enterprise is very nimble and governments move too slowly. An excerpt. “Last summer, … Continue reading

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Trouble at Gibson Ranch?

That is what the Sacramento Bee is reporting, but you have to take into account that the accusers fought bitterly against Doug Ose assuming management control of Gibson Ranch, and my inclination—we strongly support Ose’s management—would be to give Ose … Continue reading

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