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The City Organic

A very interesting article about cities from Aeon Magazine. An excerpt. “The ancient city of Alexandria lies on a narrow strip of Mediterranean coast to the west of the Nile delta. To the south is Lake Mariout, which once hemmed … Continue reading

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High Speed Trains

I have always loved the idea of these, but, as this article from the Antiplanner notes, our success in building and managing them is not good, especially in California. An excerpt. “The California Debacle “As is well known, the California … Continue reading

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Lithium in Our Water

According to this article from the Sacramento Bee, this is a good thing. An excerpt. “An element commonly found in aircraft and some batteries is said to have an anti-suicidal effect when consumed via public drinking water, new research has … Continue reading

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Water Supply Reliability

A review of this issue from the California Water Blog. An excerpt. “Water supply reliability is a major policy and management goal in California, and in the rest of the world, today and since the beginning of time.  The goals … Continue reading

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31 Day Accurate Weather Forecasts

A dream you say, maybe not, according to this article from Scientific American. An excerpt. “Hey, Google, what’s the weather? We have become comfortable with the idea that we can make decisions based on accurate weather forecasts for the next … Continue reading

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Sacramento Valley Olive Oil

According to Comstock’s Magazine, we are ripe for producing more quality olive oil. An excerpt. “Sebastian Bariani guns his two-seater Kawasaki utility vehicle through his family’s 180 acres of olive trees in Zamora in Yolo County. The cart bounces up … Continue reading

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Trout Fishing Impacted Profoundly

According to this news release from CA Fish & Wildlife. An excerpt. “Three California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) fish hatchery facilities in the eastern Sierra and Southern California have been battling a bacterial outbreak that has affected 3.2 … Continue reading

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Water Hyacinths

This beautiful water plant is also very troublesome, as this article from the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service explains. An excerpt. “Looking at the water hyacinth’s lovely lavender flowers and lush green leaves, it’s easy to see why it was … Continue reading

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Moving to the Burbs

Urban areas might be losing their allure, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “The years to come seem likely to see America’s historic population dispersion continue or accelerate, as pandemic and lockdown worries have severely reduced the … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers

Some new information about these monster storms, from Weather West. An excerpt. “Atmospheric rivers in a California climate context “Atmospheric rivers (ARs)—long, sinuous corridors of water vapor in motion in the lower half of Earth’s atmosphere—are a key aspect of … Continue reading

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