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Local Government & Funding

As we watch the slow funding-death spiral of Sacramento County—one among many local governments suffering—the major funding source for the Parkway, it is instructive to examine how local governments in general have wound up in such a precarious position. This … Continue reading

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The Suburban Question

It is, why hasn’t more research been done on the suburbs, which are where most Americans live, happily, and this article from New Geography examines that. An excerpt. “We have recently assembled a special issue of the journal Cities with … Continue reading

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As this article from Governing reports, one bright spot in the summing up of this decade just past is the new focus on infrastructure. An excerpt. “New York City’s High Line is aptly named, because it shoots down the west … Continue reading

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First American Owner of the Parkway

William Leidesdorff, who the San Francisco Museum provides great information about, and whose 200th year birthday celebration is this year, was the owner of the 35,000 acre Mexican land grant described by Wikipedia, that inspired the naming of the American … Continue reading

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Parks Blog

One of the most valuable formats for keeping the public—and your organization—up to date on what is happening with your parks management is the regular blog, and the conservancy we posted on yesterday, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, has an excellent … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

The national model of public/private partnerships to manage and fundraise for parks is the Central Park Conservancy, founded in 1980. This is the model format we hope to see eventually happen with the American River Parkway and you can read … Continue reading

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Parkway Editorial

The recent editorial about the Parkway in the Sacramento Bee was excellent, and calling for an arrangement that the Effie Yeaw Nature Center—threatened with closure—could enter into that might replicate the success of Fairytale Town is a great idea. The … Continue reading

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China & Green Technology

It appears, from this report by the Breakthrough Institute, as profiled in Fortune magazine, that the Chinese are investing much more in green technology than the Americans, and that is a surprise. An excerpt from the Fortune article. “(Fortune Magazine) … Continue reading

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Pearl River Megalopolis

The former city of Canton—where many of Sacramento’s Chinese originated from—is now the center of a developing megalopolis, as this story from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “In Southern China, the Pearl River Delta is giving rise to an urban … Continue reading

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Warming, Cooling, Melting?

Though it will probably get even worse, the past few weeks have been pretty bad for the climate warming folks and this editorial from the Wall Street Journal captures the decline. An except. “It has been a bad—make that dreadful—few … Continue reading

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