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Suburban Fake News

It’s been around for quite a while, and this great article from City Journal talks about it. An excerpt. “For more than a decade, leading urbanists and their media disciples have touted the idea that a resurgence of cities was … Continue reading

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City Planning, It’s Difficult

If not impossible, as this superb article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “A long succession of urban theorists, including Jane Jacobs, have intuited, implied, or proclaimed the “organic” nature of cities. This organic concept of cities describes them as … Continue reading

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Say Build & They Will Build

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. How Oakland began to solve their housing crisis, from City Journal. An excerpt. “California’s housing crisis, particularly in the Bay Area, is notorious and well covered, with news stories chronicling homeless encampments, “pod” housing, … Continue reading

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Planners Need New Plan

That’s the gist of this delightful article from New Geography reminding us of how often those folks planning certain aspects of our life—like improving transportation—probably need to talk to people involved in the aspects they are planning for before doing … Continue reading

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Urbanism, Two Forms

An excellent article from New Geography explaining the difference. An excerpt. “New Urbanism is like a virus. For 50 years it keeps coming back in mutated forms. It needs a cure. “First, the only thing new in New Urbanism is … Continue reading

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Suburban Living, with Pool

This article gives us another reason why the majority of Americans continue to work for or already enjoy this lifestyle, from New Republic. An excerpt. “Humans and animals who stumble across a brightly colored blue-green or red pool don’t always … Continue reading

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The New Urbanists

They aren’t really that new, having been with us now for decades, but their work is attempting to ruin a way of life (suburbs, cars, freeways, etc.) loved by the majority of Americans, as this article from the Wall Street … Continue reading

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