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Where College Graduates Live, Suburbs Mostly

Great breakdown from New Geography. An excerpt. The nation’s high-density central business districts of the major metropolitan areas have the largest shares of adults over the age of 25 with bachelor’s degrees or higher, which is consistent with popular perception. … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule

As anti-suburban types continue the narrative that urban areas outperform suburban ones, the truth is the reverse, as this story by Richard Florida, from City Lab reports. An excerpt. A new study finds that suburban neighborhoods outperform urban ones across … Continue reading

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Suburbs as New Policy Frontier

It’s an obvious move as this article from New Geography explains; which, though its focus is on Australia, has meaning in America as well. An excerpt. “Around the world, the vast majority of people are moving to cities not to … Continue reading

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Suburban Decline Narrative Overstated

According to this story from the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies. An excerpt. The traditional image of suburbs in the United States is one of middle-class, white, family households owning single-family homes. But recent patterns of increasing poverty, … Continue reading

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Western City Skylines, Sacramento Included, Profiled

This is a great article from the Washington Post about the raising of the skylines in many cities, including Sacramento, with great graphics. An excerpt. At the entrance to Sacramento, a largely low-rise government town that is among California’s oldest … Continue reading

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Tech Job Growth

A nice follow up to yesterday’s post, this also from City Journal. An excerpt. The decisions by Amazon and Google to expand into the New York area have led some pundits to claim that the nation’s high-tech economic future will … Continue reading

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Urban Renewal??

An excellent article from City Journal that urban revitalization has not been all as promised. An excerpt. After drifting toward decrepitude since the 1970s, many core cities have experienced real, often bracing, turnarounds. Yet concern is growing that the revitalization … Continue reading

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