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Suburban Living, with Pool

This article gives us another reason why the majority of Americans continue to work for or already enjoy this lifestyle, from New Republic. An excerpt. “Humans and animals who stumble across a brightly colored blue-green or red pool don’t always … Continue reading

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The New Urbanists

They aren’t really that new, having been with us now for decades, but their work is attempting to ruin a way of life (suburbs, cars, freeways, etc.) loved by the majority of Americans, as this article from the Wall Street … Continue reading

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Suburban Ranch Style is Much Loved

It is the most popular, as most of us who happily live in one already know, and this article from MSN News validates that. An excerpt. “Smaller houses are trending, and the search engine site recently revealed that home buyers … Continue reading

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Ranking City Livability

Nice story from WalletHub and Sacramento comes in at 28 of 62. An excerpt. “Many Americans prefer to live in rural areas, but far more call cities their homes. Though urban settings are less than 3 percent of the U.S. … Continue reading

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Gentrification Examined

And done so well in this article from City Journal. An excerpt. For many on the Left, gentrification remains a dirty word, synonymous—or at least closely associated—with racism, oligarchic developers, neoliberalism, and even genocide. Fortunately, not all gentrification-watchers are so … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Why the Hate?

It’s not really too complicated and flows from the same ideology that hates cars, dams, and anything else that represents American progress and comfort, as this article from City Journal explains. An excerpt. A critical component in the rise of … Continue reading

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Suburbs are Booming

No surprise here as that is where pretty much everybody wants to live in America and this story from the Wall Street Journal fills us in. An excerpt. APEX, N.C.—This Raleigh, N.C., suburb was declared the best place to live … Continue reading

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