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Why Does California Have a Housing Crisis?

Well answered in this New Geography article. An excerpt. The homeownership rate in California equaled the national rate from 1950 well into the 1960s. Yet, by 2005, California’s homeownership rate was 13.3 percent below the national average and the 49th … Continue reading

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Branding Sacramento

As Sacramento struggles to find a branding strategy that works; Destination City –ridiculous on its face, whereas “great place to raise a family” is more authentic–seemingly the standard fall-back, this insightful article from the Manhattan Institute offers some guidance. An … Continue reading

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California’s Suburbia

Troubling trends around housing, as reported by New Geography. An excerpt. We may be celebrating — if that’s the right word — the tenth year since the onset of the financial crisis and collapse of the real estate market. Yet … Continue reading

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California’s Troubles

As follow up to yesterday’s post, this article from American Thinker may reveal the reasons. An excerpt. With crime soaring, rampant homelessness, sanctuary state status attracting the highest illegal immigrant population in the country and its “worst state in the … Continue reading

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People Leaving California

Interesting article from New Geography about this. An excerpt. California is the great role model for America, particularly if you read the Eastern press. Yet few boosters have yet to confront the fact that the state is continuing to hemorrhage … Continue reading

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Mass Suburbanization & Ethnic Flight

Great article from New Geography. An excerpt. For the first decades of mass suburbanization, the movement from urban cores often has been referred to as “white flight”. But now major metropolitan area living patterns indicate something much different, what might … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Central City Rebounding?

A good article about it from Comstock’s Magazine. An excerpt. Throughout Sacramento’s central city, houses, apartments and businesses have often sat next to vacant lots. It’s been a sign of economic imperfection and, perhaps, of Midtown’s funkiness, with the land … Continue reading

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