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California Discourages Building New Housing

Which is the only conclusion you can reach reading this story from City Journal about the mass of regulations housing developers face in California. An excerpt. Stories about the desperate living arrangements of highly compensated California tech workers sound like … Continue reading

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Tech Centers

Sacramento is one, ranked 27th of 53, as this story in New Geography notes. An excerpt. A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy. By that measure, the Bay Area still stands at … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule Locally, Even with Millennials

As reported by Comstock’s Magazine. An excerpt. Until the summer of 2015, Aaron and Jamie Duke, 37 and 27, were happy to be the picture of the urban millennial couple traveling light. They had an 800-square-foot apartment at Capitol Towers … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule Globally but Behind Down Under

That is the conclusion in this great article about global suburbanization from New Geography. An excerpt. We are living in a global suburban age… While statistics demonstrate that the amount of the world population in metropolitan areas is rapidly increasing, rarely … Continue reading

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Cars & Mass Transit

A very revealing article from New Geography about Los Angeles transportation policy, reveals the ineffectiveness of most mass transit systems and the importance of building more freeways to allow easier transport by cars, all of which applies as well to the … Continue reading

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Texas Wonder

A wonderful report from New Geography, on the great state of Texas which far out shadows California—except for weather and physical beauty—but important to read for economic, urban, and political instruction on how to be user friendly. An excerpt. This essay is … Continue reading

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War On Suburban Communities

It is a war that has been going on for a very long time, especially in California, but, thankfully, suburban communities are still where the vast majority of people prefer to live and raise their families. This article by Joel … Continue reading

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