Suburban Negatives, Part II

An agency and newspaper, both with historical bias against suburban development, surprising no one, give more reasons a new suburb can’t be built in Sacramento County.

An excerpt.

“A proposed 2,700-acre development project on the eastern fringe of Sacramento County does not comply with the region’s transportation plan, according to a report released this week.

“That plan barely meets state requirements for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and approval of Cordova Hills could “make it challenging” to meet a 2035 target, Mike McKeever of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments said in a letter to county supervisors.

“Failing to meet those requirements could threaten the county’s eligibility for federal and state transportation funds, officials said.

“Ron Alvarado, one of the project’s principal developers, said the report concedes that its growth projections are uncertain. He said the project would serve a growing employment corridor along U.S. 50 in Rancho Cordova.

“While McKeever acknowledges the uncertainty of some predictions, the project’s expected impact is fairly certain, he said. “The project would be problematic because of the vehicle miles traveled and more greenhouse gases,” he said.

“SACOG reviewed the project at the request of Supervisor Phil Serna, who noted that developers failed to deliver on a promise to secure a university at Cordova Hills.

“What the SACOG report might mean for the project’s approval is not clear.

“Supervisors, who expect to vote on Cordova Hills on Tuesday, say they’re still considering the report and how they might vote on the project.”

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